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If you’re a criminal justice agency and a separate agency handles your IT, you may be going through what’s called IT consolidation. Or, you may have already consolidated IT operations. When a different entity manages your information, it could cause non-compliance issues. So how do you ensure your agency’s sensitive data is safe?

Our CJIS ACEs have worked with IT consolidation at all stages: before, during, and after the move. Our team of industry experts can help you understand all of the FBI CJIS requirements at each stage of a transition. We’ll establish proper management control agreements, prepare you for an audit, then help you get (and stay) compliant, all while ensuring the security of your criminal justice information.

Why deal with the headaches yourself? Let our experts handle it all. Contact us today.

How IT Consolidation Works

How does it work?

We will customize a plan specific to your organization, then walk you through our simple, five-step process. From the initial check-in to the follow-up, we’ll be by your side. We will:

• Review or completely manage all compliance activities for your organization;

• Provide subject matter expertise for on-site assistance or self-audit completion;

• Perform comprehensive compliance assessments;

• Establish your organization’s Compliance Profile; and

• Develop a compliance road map for your agency.


We’ll take it from here.

Over 125 years of law enforcement expertise


Each member of the CJIS ACE team has worked in law enforcement for decades (just take a look at our team resume!). We know from personal experience that CJIS compliance & audit preparation can cause anxiety and confusion. But we know exactly how to ensure your victim and criminal information is secure and FBI compliant.


Trust the experts to help you get — and stay — compliant.


Not a law enforcement agency? We offer services tailored to your needs!

CJIS ACE works with public safety agencies, vendors, and organizations that perform fingerprint-based background checks. We also help with IT consolidation, whether you’re going through the process now, or you already have — let’s help you get and stay compliant.

Click below to view the services we offer for your specific organization.

FBI Security Policy compliance and audit preparation services specifically catered to our folks in law enforcement.

Compliance readiness for vendors selling products or services for criminal justice information access.

FBI audit preparation for businesses doing licensure processes or fingerprint background checks on employees or volunteers.

Preparation for criminal justice agencies whose IT is handled by a separate agency, or “IT consolidation.”

What others are saying about CJIS ACE

Bob Peryam – North Florida HIDTA Director

Our CJIS ACE engagement was extremely beneficial… Bill was both knowledgeable and passionate about Law Enforcement and CJIS Security. The knowledge transfer was invaluable. We whole-heartedly recommend the CJIS ACE services… they are truly top notch.

Debbie Boston – Lauren County Sheriff’s Office, Dublin, GA

I really like the newsletter because it contains very useful information on things I may be currently working on or things that I haven’t tackled yet. Thank you for taking the time to get this information out to us and ensuring that we have all the information available to us to do our jobs right and aiding in keeping our agencies up to par!

Nick Coult, Ph.D. – Vice President, Interactive Intelligence Systems, Numerica

The expertise and insight we gained through our engagement with CJIS ACE helped us to ensure our services and products align with and are compliant with the FBI CJIS Security Policy. The folks at CJIS ACE are true leaders, and I would highly recommend their expertise to other organizations that take CJIS compliance seriously.


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