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for agencies

Get CJIS compliant fast.

CJIS ACE for Agencies offers audit and compliance preparation services specifically tailored to criminal justice agencies. CJIS ACE has decades of law enforcement experience, and we understand CJIS compliance and audit preparation can cause stress and confusion when trying to tackle it alone (Especially if you haven't done it before).

CJIS ACE offers complete, customized, cost-effective approach to your agency's audit and compliance concerns. 

It's the smartest and simplest way to protect your agency. Contact us today!

Our unique audit preparation plan


We will review and manage all pre-audit activities on your behalf.

Audit day

We provide subject matter expertise for on-site assistance or self-audit completion.


We can follow up with your state's CSO and meet with you to ensure ongoing compliance.

CJIS ace Assessment
A 5-step assessment Process

Our experts will work with you to understand your agency's CJIS Compliance level. In a CJIS ACE Assessment, our team will provide the knowledge you need to reach CJIS Compliance: real-world, actionable, and timely information.

How it works

  • Our experts conduct a CJIS ACE Assessment of your agency.

  • CJIS ACE documents your agency's compliance status within CJIS Insight.

  • CJIS ACE develops a Compliance Profile and Mitigating Strategies report.

  • CJIS Insight helps your agency resolve identified compliance issues.

  • CJIS Insight becomes your interactive solution to maintain CJIS Compliance.


CJIS Bootcamps are customized, intensive learning sessions ideal for your agency's new CJIS personnel. Choose from completely customized single or multi-day on-site engagements.


The CJIS ACE team draws on years of its experience from within the law enforcement and criminal justice communities, including sworn law enforcement officers. We have been a part of the APB, Working Groups, Subcommittees, Task Forces, and provided direct support to the Compact Council. We are extremely versed in "CJIS"


CJIS ACE is the only team that can bring this level of experience and insight to your organization.

CJIS Resources

Brush up on the latest requirements by reading the FBI CJIS Security Policy, or sign up for the popular CJIS ACE Newsletter.  

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