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CJIS compliant advanced authentication

advanced authentication for the way you work

eAgent X2 is a two-factor CJIS compliant advanced authentication solution that protects access to sensitive information.
It's unique for its flexibility and it can get
you compliant with the FBI CJIS Security Policy mandates fast.

flexible and reliable two-factor authentication

Security attacks against government departments have increased dramatically over the last several years.


Some vendors have preyed on our growing security fears by promoting their expensive authentication solutions which often have unnecessary bells and whistles, or were developed for industries like banking and healthcare -- not law enforcement.

eAgent X2 is the answer to these problems. It’s designed to be a secure, yet simple solution that focuses on the core needs of law enforcement agencies. It’s also reasonably priced and easy to implement, saving you and your IT staff valuable time and money.


eAgent X2 was created to be as easy as possible to set up and maintain. With self-serve options for second-factor retrieval, the strain is taken off your IT staff.


Your agency can choose one of four retrieval methods: paper token, key chain fob, text message, or phone app. You can also choose to customize your back-end integrations and set different access levels for delegated user authority.

easy to integrate

X2 integrates with most mobile VPN providers, RADIUS, Active Directory, and LDAP so you don't have to worry about changing the way you work.

cjis compliant

If you handle criminal justice information then you need a CJIS-compliance advanced authentication solution -- otherwise you'll get dinged on your next audit. eAgent X2 is compliant with the latest CJIS Security Policy.

The eAgent X2 advanced authentication card system works very well for us. It meets all FDLE requirements, and it was implemented quickly and efficiently by DCI. We are also very happy with customer support. In the time we’ve had eAgent, the system has never been down.

Julio Perez, Hallandale Beach Police department

CJIS compliant advanced authentication

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