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IT Consolidation

for States



CJIS Systems Agencies (CSA) and State Identification Bureaus (SIB) have a responsibility to audit all agencies with direct or indirect access to criminal justice information (CJI) and criminal history record information (CHRI) to ensure compliance minimally with the CJIS Security Policy including…​




       Criminal Justice Agencies (CJA)                 Non-Criminal Justice Agencies (NCJA)                           Their Vendors


CJIS ACE can assist your agency in designing and managing audit programs, provide CJIS training for your team, and centrally vet the vendors in your state for compliance with CJIS Security Policy!

Let our experts handle it all. Learn more about how CJIS ACE can help below.


The CJIS ACE team has decades of experience designing, implementing, and managing CJIS Audit Programs. We understand this is a time consuming and resource intensive requirement and our team will provide you with the support and flexibility you need to get the job done. 

CJIS ACE can help with the development, implementation, and management of the following CJIS Audit Program areas:

  • NCIC

  • CJIS IT Security 

  • NSOR

  • NDEx 

  • Non-Criminal Justice (NCJA) 

With a CJIS ACE Audit Program, your state will receive:

  • Updated Audit Questionnaires 

  • Audit Cycle Configuration 

  • Statistics of non-compliance trends

  • Educational materials for the user agencies 

  • Additional support to answer questions and conduct audits 


Our clients see an average 40% increase in compliance across their state after the first CJIS ACE audit cycle.


If you would like to hear more about how CJIS ACE can update your existing audit program, develop a new program and train your audit staff, or manage your CJIS Audits, give us a call!

centralized vendor vetting

CJIS ACE can help you develop, implement, and maintain a Centralized Vendor Vetting Process (CVVP) to ensure all CJIS related vendors are vetted and approved according to the CJIS Security Policy. A CVVP is a critical step in ensuring the continued protection of criminal justice information (CJI) in your state. We pride ourselves in providing a consistent, sustainable way to vet and maintain records of vendors and vendor employees. 

By implementing a statewide centralized vendor vetting process, you are ensuring the following:

  • Increased quality assurance of personnel screening

  • Increased consistency of vendor vetting requirements

  • Increased confidence in your state’s protection of Criminal Justice Information (CJI)

  • Decreased burden on constituent agencies


CJIS Training Workshops are intensive learning sessions ideal for new CJIS Systems Officers (CSO), CJIS Information Security Officers (ISO), IT Staff, CJIS Auditors, and many others. Fully customizable, training topics are flexible to meet your specific needs and can be single or multi-day on-site or virtual engagements.

You may need a CJIS Workshop if:

  • You are new to your CJIS Role

  • You’re experiencing turnover in your CJIS audit staff

  • You have auditors who have questions about the new and changing CJIS Requirements

  • You just want to learn about CJIS!

The CJIS ACE team consists of members that have been state CSOs, CJIS ISOs, IT staff, as well as sworn and unsworn law enforcement officers and support staff. CJIS ACE is the only team that can bring this level of experience and insight to your organization and we pride ourselves with CJIS knowledge transfer!

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