Tallahassee is more than just headquarters.

It's home.

At Diverse Computing, we strive to make a difference - not only in the law enforcement software community, but right in our own backyard. 

We contribute to countless local events each year because it's part of our mission to foster connections with our company, community, and customers. Read about a few of our favorite community outreach projects and achievements from recent years below.

“When you move to a new city there’s a lot to take care of. How do you find a reputable daycare, plumber, or realtor without investing hours of research? That’s why I think Tallahassee Welcomes U is going to be such a success. It will be a beneficial partnership between new residents and local businesses where they can all build trust and grow connections with the community.”


The Tally Job Hop is a one day tour for students to visit some of North Florida’s top businesses. Diverse Computing staff launched the event from the ground up in January, 2016. In Fall 2016, we handed the event off to the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Diverse Computing still participates in the event each semester as a recruiter.

tally job hop.jpg

This annual one-day tour allows professors to see firsthand what local businesses have to offer. The Tally Prof Hop is an extension of the Tally Job Hop, presented by Diverse Computing in partnership with FSU CCI. The goal of the Prof Hop is to increase awareness about the diverse job opportunities available to local graduates in the technology sector, and keep young talent within Tallahassee.

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Passion projects, philanthropy, and community partnerships

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