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for FBI Channelers

Independent Third-Party Audits

An integral part of the Channeler contract is the implementation of a formal audit program in addition to audits conducted by the FBI. We are CJIS ACE, a division of Diverse Computing Inc., and we have over 150 years of combined CJIS related audit experience.


Our background working in the National Crime Prevention Compact Council, the FBI CJIS Advisory Policy Board, and the Security and Access Subcommittee, puts us in a unique position to understand the national requirements associated with outsourcing, and therefore help you with your auditing needs. 

The Process

CJIS ACE will conduct the initial Audit Assessment within one year of contract award as required by the RFP. This includes a two-day onsite visit at the main location and one-site visit at any subsequent location as needed.


Your organization will also have access to CJIS Insight to monitor and document your compliance throughout the year. After the first year, CJIS ACE will conduct the annual audits, which includes a one-day onsite visit to your main office and any subsequent locations as needed.


Additionally, CJIS ACE would be available during the FBI audit.

CJIS Insight - Compliance Tracking Software

CJIS ACE developed CJIS Insight, the first compliance tracking application specifically designed for CJIS policies. Through CJIS Insight, your agency has immediate access to your audit findings, as well as a central repository to document how your company complies with all of the Channeler related requirements from the Outsourcing Standard and the CJIS Security Policy. 

CJIS Insight can be used during your FBI audit to demonstrate your CJIS Compliance. 

CJIS Resources

Brush up on the latest requirements by reading the FBI CJIS Security Policy, or sign up for the popular CJIS ACE Newsletter.  

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