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Over 1,800 agencies currently use our eAgent NCIC access software — including federal, state, and local agencies. We have over 150 combined years of experience developing software and networking solutions specifically for the law enforcement community. As a result, we have a track record of groundbreaking project implementations across the country. From deploying message switches and NCIC access software, to developing advanced authentication solutions, we’ve done it all. Take a look at our NCIC experience and some of our largest projects below, or learn more about our suite of eAgent products.

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Florida Department of Law Enforcement

eWarrants: Electronic Warrants System 

In 2013, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement contracted with DCI to develop a program that will help eliminate short-term risks arising from the lengthy warranting process, such a reactionary domestic abuse and unregistered guns' use against police officers. Traditionally, the warrant acquisition process takes about 10 days. The now electronic warrants system has shortened that process to between 4 and 6 hours. DCI is especially proud of this breakthrough in public safety.

Oregon State Police

CRIMEvue Replacement Project

DCI was awarded and contracted with the Oregon State Police's (OSP) CRIMEvue Replacement Project. DCI will provide their eAgent Computerized Criminal History (CCH) system which is customized to meet the needs of OSP and is accompanied by a Hot Files database. DCI will also provide its eAgent FUSE engine, a next-generation message switch. These programs will be a full update to Oregon's legacy systems as well as a complete modernization of the three major systems - CCH, Hot files, and MS. 

New Jersey State Police

Hosting in the Cloud with eAgent FUSE Message Switch and eAgent 2.0

New Jersey State Police chose Diverse Computing to update the state's message switch. Since April 2016, our team has been directly working diligently to install eAgent FUSE, our next-generation message switch engine, along with our zero-footprint, web-based NCIC access application, eAgent 2.0. New Jersey Agencies will get upgraded to eAgent 2.0 with our cutting-edge team inbox feature and validations in the beginning of December 2019. As always, Diverse Computing will provide the 24/7/365 support that our customers know us for.

South Dakota Department of Public Safety

Optimizing the exchange of criminal justice information with

eAgent FUSE

South Dakota's Department of Public Safety contracted with Diverse Computing to update software for SDLETS. Completed in June, the legacy system was replaced by a customized version of our eAgent FUSE message switch and hot files products. The update also includes a commercially available solution that provides the breadth of services and scalability required of the modern criminal justice software solutions. eAgent FUSE now interfaces with existing systems and the standard SDLETS user interface to help SDDPS continue to protect the public.

Metropolitan Police Department, D.C.

Improving and innovating our nation's systems

Long-standing customer, Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., is engaged with Diverse Computing on many projects that continue to enhance and innovate with their existing systems. In addition to automating their warrant entry process, MPD is upgrading their automated disposition reporting, including sending updates programmatically to III. 

Other Notable System implementations

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