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DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO Track & Demonstrate CJIS Compliance


What is CJIS Insight?

CJIS Insight is our compliance tracking and management software designed to help agencies, vendors, and states monitor their CJIS compliance.

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CJIS Compliance Inspired Features


Status Bar

Built as an interactive CJIS Security Policy to document your compliance with each "shall" statement.

Fill the status bar as more "shall" statements are updated to compliant

Knowledge Transfer

Status update

Read CJIS ACE's assessment comments and mitigation strategies 

Update a subpolicy's compliance status with documentation of compliance

DUe Dates & Assigned To

Assign your team specific compliance issues to resolve in a designated amount of time

User Dashboard

Track all updates to your organization's assessment

How cjis insight can help you

For Agencies

Use CJIS Insight to help track, document, and easily access information about how your agency meets compliance with the CJIS Security Policy

During an audit, CJIS Insight provides you a centralized location for your required CJIS documentation

For Vendors

Use CJIS Insight to help track, document, and easily provide information about how your company meets compliance with the CJIS Security Policy.

Demonstrating compliance, through CJIS Insight, allows your company to build and maintain the trust of your customers, potential customers, and the nation’s criminal justice community.

How to get insight in your organization

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Asset 1_0.5x.png
Asset 1_0.5x.png
Asset 1_0.5x.png
Asset 1_0.5x.png

CJIS ACE conducts a CJIS assessment of your organization

CJIS ACE documents your organization's compliance status within CJIS Insight

CJIS ACE creates a Compliance Profile and Mitigation Strategies 

CJIS Insight helps your organization resolve identified compliance issues

CJIS Insight continues to be your organization's interactive solution for demonstrating CJIS compliance

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CJIS Resources

Brush up on the latest requirements by reading the FBI CJIS Security Policy, or sign up for the popular CJIS ACE Newsletter.  

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