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Our story began in 2001 when the wireless data company our founders worked for went under because of the burst of the dotcom bubble. That company had promised a project to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, so, being fresh out of college, our founders did what all bold young entrepreneurs dream of: they started their own company. Their mission was to build software for criminal justice agencies -- with FDLE as their first client. And that is how Diverse Computing was born. 

From the humble beginnings of a single contract, to over 1,800 agencies nationwide, our passion for building intuitive software for those who protect and serve the public remains one of our guiding principles. And, FDLE remains a satisfied client to this day.

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We have law enforcement in our DNA. Several of our expert staff have served as sworn officers and public servants, so they understand the unique needs of the criminal justice sector.

Keeping talent local is part of our mission. As a result of our close relationship with local universities, over 75% of our staff are local alumni. We've developed local initiatives like the Tally Job Hop. 

Our employees consistently vote us one of the best companies to work for in Florida and the nation. The careful balance of communication, generous benefits, and dynamic company culture here at Diverse Computing ensure high rates of employee satisfaction.

Meet Our Staff

And find out why we're passionate about Diverse Computing

Bill Tatun,
President and CEO
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Because providing timely and accurate information is crucial when making decisions that impact public and officer safety.

Nichole Moore,
Chief Operating Officer

Every day I have the opportunity to make the public safety community a better, more informed place.

Jamie Blakley,
Chief Customer Officer
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Because I want to play a role in ensuring that families can rest easy every night.

Want to join our award-winning team?

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