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Modern Computerized criminal history (CCH) System 


The eAgent Identity Center (EIC) is a CCH system that emphasizes usability, flexibility, and dependability as the guiding principles for solution delivery. EIC has replaced stale, bulky, and hard-to-use techniques with modern design techniques and software approaches and revolutionary thinking to create an intuitive, modern, and easy-to-use solution. The result is a fresh and innovative design that makes one wonder why it hasn’t been envisioned this way universally.

The Most Innovative and modern user-interface available


The DCI Team instinctively and experientially understands it is imperative that the CCH system delivers information to CJIS decision-makers accurately, timely, and in a manner appropriate to the agency and individual’s role. 


The information stored and disseminated through the CCH system will be used by decision makers to determine whether an individual is eligible to:

                   Purchase or carry a firearm; 

                   To be hired in a position of trust over children or other                                           vulnerable members of society;

                   To determine proper sentencing and incarceration for convicted                        felons;

                   To provide insight as to the history of a violator or a possible                                felon during a traffic stop or other law enforcement action.

The most Complete picture of a person's criminal history possible

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Our innovative mindset coupled with real-world experience in criminal justice operations have come together in eAgent Identity Center to provide automated tools that drive workflows designed to help your agency provide the most complete picture of a person’s criminal history possible.


EIC is a solution that will help build the trust relationship between you and your stakeholders, because it will be well understood that the records retrieved by criminal justice professionals to make critical public safety decisions will be the most accurate, up-to-date, and complete information possible. We often hear about “gaps” and “incomplete” records when identifying pain points with CCH modernization projects.


You can trust that eAgent Identity Center is designed to specifically address and mitigate these gaps and provide a complete picture of the CCH record to end users. 

Jamie Blakley

Chief Customer Officer

flexible Solution & easy implementation

INtegrates with AFIS and local Interfaces

Automatically updates identity and arrest details

Automated III synchronization reporting

Accepts rap sheets from external states

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