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criminal justice software SOLUTIONS

the most innovative criminal justice software

Our suite of eAgent products allows you to continue to protect and serve the public with no disruptions from your software.

Solutions for Criminal Justice Information Access

Solutions for

Criminal Justice Information Access

mobile police software

Web-Based Full-Access

NCIC Solution

eAgent 2.0 comes with all the features that will make your agency more efficient, like availability on mobile devices.

NCIC access software

Full-Access, Feature-Rich NCIC Software

eAgent Client is ideal for running NCIC, Nlets, and state CJIS queries from dispatch and 911 centers.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.”

Our state-of-the-art solutions will make your job easier.

We use real customer feedback to customize all of our software because we understand that everyone has different needs.

You get continuous updates and improvements without interruption.

Technical skill, personalized support, & industry expertise — at your fingertips.

Our off-the-shelf solutions are the very best in the criminal justice domain, and they’re backed by our second to none customer support.

The officers like the features and functions built into eAgent Client, and many of these features are something that New Mexico has never seen… There is a tremendous demand for the product due to its being very intuitive and easy to use.


new mexico dept of public safety

Secure Connectivity Solutions

secure connection ncic

Affordable Alternative to State-Provided CJIS Connection for TN, GA, & AR

eAgent Gateway can save you thousands of dollars every year, with increased reliability.

advanced authentication for law enforcement

Advanced Authentication for Law Enforcement

eAgent X2 is the cost-effective, agile way to meet the newest CJIS Security Policy Advanced Authentication update.

We’ve used the Gateway Connection for several years and switched to eAgent for software at the end of 2013. The Criminal History Log is awesome. We’ve been very pleased with the customer support that we’ve received for both our connection to TBI and our TIES software. And we’ve saved money.

spring hill police department

Brandi arabie-smith, tacb, spring hill police department, tn

message switch law enforcement

Workflow and Routing Engine (NCIC, Nlets, & CJIS)

eAgent FUSE is our highly customizable message switch suite.

computerized criminal history

Modern Computerized Criminal History System

eAgent offers a modern take on traditional Computerized Criminal History software.

criminal justice xml interface

XML Interface for Criminal Systems to Connect to NCIC

eAgent JXI puts an end to entering the same information into separate systems.

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