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law enforcement message switch

the next generation of law enforcement message switch technology

Fuse is the ideal law enforcement message switch solution...

If you have an out-of-date message switch, a clunky interface, or use old interface protocols

If it's difficult for your agency to make minor adjustments and updates to your message switch

eAgent FUSE can help.

cjis compliant by design

With a team of dedicated audit and compliance experts on staff, we ensure each of our products remains compliant with state and federal security policies.

guaranteed message delivery

Our off-the-shelf solutions are the very best in the criminal justice domain because they're created and supported by industry experts.

connects disparate systems

FUSE will align all of your agency's disparate software systems so you can have everything you need in one place.

Open-source technology

FUSE is built to promote agility and flexibility between separate applications. Our use of open-source technology makes it easy to upgrade or customize.

The simplicity of the eAgent product allows our operators to perform their jobs more efficiently. The user-friendly forms allow quick training and the initial setup was a breeze!

law enforcement message switch

Ben Bolin, Communications Supervisor, Alpharetta Department of Public Safety, Georgia

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