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New Mexico Department of Public Safety Gets eAgent Mobile

Date Posted - 14th Jan 2011 |  Category - About Our Company, Projects & Partnerships

Tallahassee, FL ( January 4, 2011) – The New Mexico Department of Public Safety (NMDPS) implemented Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI) eAgent Mobile for statewide deployment. eAgent Mobile allows NMDPS users reliable, real-time wireless access to the New Mexico Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (NMLETS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). After six months of production, Stephen Tapke, Acting Chief Information Officer, observed that “the [officers] like the features and functions built into eAgent Mobile, and many of these features are something that New Mexico has never seen.”

NMDPS adopted a new name for eAgent Mobile and now calls is it the Law Enforcement Automated Data Services (LEADS). Officers use LEADS to confirm identification by viewing driver license photos, conduct want and warrants checks, and perform queries. Tapke also observed that “there is a tremendous demand for the product due to it being very intuitive and easy to use.” NMDPS has been very busy providing LEADS to the 180 law enforcement agencies and 2,700 plus users they support in New Mexico. DCI’s President, Anthony Pun, summed it up by stating, “We are pleased to have been awarded this opportunity to provide NMPDS advanced software that will enable them to build a safer, stronger New Mexico.”

DCI’s eAgent Message Switch was key in the execution of eAgent Mobile for NMDPS. Tapke stated that “NMDPS had new functionality they wanted to bring to the table based on ideas from many different states.” DCI was “very accommodating in implementing these ideas into the project. This input and DCI’s efforts have established a solid design,” remarked Tapke.

Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI), delivers cutting-edge software solutions to law enforcement agencies across the country at federal, state and local levels. The eAgent product suite delivers fast, reliable access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) and state Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) while complying with FBI and state CJIS security policies. The eAgent Law Enforcement Network consists of over 1,500 agencies and 35,000 users nationwide, and is constantly expanding and continuing to excel in the industry.

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