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"What does it mean to have a daughter who is a dispatcher?" - Norman & Lisa Nee

"It means we have a daughter who

is the essential, unseen voice on the phone

who, when tragedy strikes,

has to work past her own shock and trauma

of the situation to be the calm voice

in a life and death situation.

It means we have a daughter who,

when she is having a bad day,

has to let it all go and

stop thinking about her needs

so that she can be the one

to help someone through their bad day.

It means we have a daughter who

never knows what a day may

bring forth; she could have a day

of complete boredom or high anxiety.

And it also means that she is not only a valuable member of our family, but is also now a valuable member the community in which she serves and part of a remarkable, vital group of people...DISPATCHERS

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!"

- Norman and Lisa Nee, parents of Bridget, Dispatcher, City of Greenville Police Communications, SC

Bridget added, (re: CaH "Thank you for organizing this, and asking families to be involved. It meant a lot to my parents.")


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