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IT Consolidation

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If a separate agency handles your IT needs, you may be experiencing IT consolidation or transformation. Housing your information at a different facility could cause CJIS compliance concerns. So how do you ensure your data is safe?

Our team of industry experts can help you understand all of the FBI's CJIS requirements at each stage of this transition. ​

Let our experts handle it all. Contact us today.

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our experience

Our CJIS ACE engagement was extremely beneficial… Bill was both knowledgeable and passionate about Law Enforcement and CJIS Security. The knowledge transfer was invaluable. We whole-heartedly recommend the CJIS ACE services… they are truly top notch.

IT Consolidation

Bob peryam - North florida HIDTA director

the five-step compliance package

Develop an in-depth compliance profile tailored to your budget and time frame.

Conduct an on-site security inspection to identify compliance gaps.

Create a mitigation roadmap just for your unique situation.

Consult with your team and discuss how to repair any compliance issues.

Follow up with your company to ensure continued compliance.

Get the official cjis compliance seal

Demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

CJIS ACE offers the closest thing to CJIS certification you can get: the first an only industry standard process for compliance in accordance with the FBI CJIS Security Policy.

Get started today toward earning your CJIS ACE Compliance Seal!

IT Consolidation

we will help you

get prepared

Comprehensive compliance analysis

Custom profiles for your agency

Personalized compliance road map

CJIS Resources

Brush up on the latest requirements by reading the FBI CJIS Security Policy, or sign up for the popular CJIS ACE Newsletter.  

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IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
IT Consolidation
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