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eAgent Justice XML Interface (JXI) - Simplify CJIS

An overview of how our eAgent JXI can simplify your CJIS application development

Multi-Platform XML Interface

eAgent JXI is a multi-platform XML interface solution that can quickly and easily connect systems to NCIC, Nlets and CJIS systems. eAgent JXI simplifies the exchange of law enforcement information by providing three things: 1) a simple XML interface for the customer; 2) a translator that reformats messages and; 3) a wrapper around the complex socket interface to NCIC.

Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI) has extensive experience in maintaining statewide message switch systems, including many NCIC systems. To better meet the needs of its clients, DCI has developed its own Java NCIC XML Communications Library. The DCI Interface makes use of “open” standards offering agencies many business and technical advantages, including:

– Facilitating the integration of non-related systems

– Utilizing proven DCI eAgent technology

– Savings on development costs

– No need to “learn” socket interface protocols

eAgent JXI is a database driven application that reads XML formatted messages from an outbound or “request” table and sends these messages to a message switch in the proper data format. Responses from the message switch are inserted into an inbound or “response” table in XML format for processing. Below is a high level system diagram to describe how the JXI interacts with interfacing applications and an NCIC message switch. JXI runs on Linux or Windows and can connect to MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle databases.



Are your CJIS App Developers Struggling with Messy Protocols?

If your agency has programmers developing applications that require interfacing with State/NCIC criminal justice information systems, you have probably heard them complain about the difficulties present with these messy and complicated State/NCIC socket protocols. Your programmers would much rather work with a simple, standardized protocol when they are developing applications for Warrants, Pawn, Ticketing, Court, Jail, Offender Supervision, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could “translate” the complex State/NCIC protocol into a common, easy-to-understand language?

There is! We developed the eAgent Justice XML Interface (JXI) specifically to solve this problem for law enforcement agencies. XML stands for Extensible Mark-up Language, and it was created to be a simple language that could present data and information in a standardized fashion. eAgent JXI is able to interface with the State/NCIC message switch, work through its messy socket protocol, “translate” information into XML, and pass this standardized data along to your programmers. This allows your programmers to develop their new applications much faster using this simplified XML format, eliminating all of the headaches associated with traditional systems integration.

Our JXI software is always up to date, giving you peace of mind whenever State/NCIC interface protocol is changed. We apply the new updates to keep your software running smoothly, and we do it with no cost or hassle to you. Reduce the amount of time your programmers spend rewriting code and reduce the costs accompanied by difficult system integration today with eAgent JXI, the XML interface designed for law enforcement.


Open Source XML Interface Software

DCI leverages the use of existing open source software in its architecture. The use of existing open source software products promotes a solution that is open and non-proprietary. These open source software products are also very portable and are available for many operating system platforms.

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