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How does a Gateway connection compare to my state provided connection?

Learn about the savings and support each gateway customer receives


CJIS Connection for Less

eAgent Gateway is an alternative to the Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas CJIS connection. If you use any of the following connections, you have the option to upgrade to Gateway and save thousands every year.

Tennessee: If you currently use T1 Line, PIX, or OIR to connect to TBI, switching could save you $3,000 annually.

Georgia: If you currently use the GTA/Megapath line to connect to GBI, you could save $2,500 annually by switching to Gateway.

Arkansas: If you currently use DIS line to connect to ACIC, you could save $1,400 annually if you switch.

eAgent Gateway will connect your agency to all of your current Criminal Justice Information applications. This includes the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), the Sex Offender Registry (SOR), and many more statewide applications.

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Maximize your connection up time with eAgent Gateway

This solution automatically comes with our world-class 24/7/365 support. If your agency ever loses its connection, our specialists will troubleshoot the issue until it’s fixed. 


Additional Benefits:

• Pre-configured Cisco device delivered directly to you

• Easy installation

• Free network monitoring for a more reliable connection

• Failover switching if a network goes down, with multiple commercial-class connections


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