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Statement from Beth Forren, Manager Police Communications, Norfolk Southern Railroad PD, GA

"I have been in law enforcement for almost 19 years. I have worked with two different agencies. First with Roanoke Co 911 in Roanoke, VA for two years and then with Norfolk Southern Railroad Police for the last 17 years. I have definitely completed the full cycle within the Communication Center. When I first started with the railroad, I did not have any clue that I would someday manage the Center. I have been extremely fortunate over the last 17 years but hard work, dedication, loyalty and an extreme work ethic have gotten me where I am today. But these are the qualities I see day in and day out from my fellow dispatchers. Everyone of them bring their heart and soul into this center and give everything they can to help citizens on a daily basis. I am beyond proud to work with this group of extremely talented people. A group that constantly works together to ensure we're taking care of the public, as well as each other. This group of people that shows up everyday with intentions of serving the public and assisting others on possibly their worst day... The Norfolk Southern Police Communication Center is a small but mighty group and they always get the job done!"


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