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IT Consolidation

for States

Do you have an understaffed CJIS Audit Unit? Do you wonder how you can effectively audit all those noncriminal justice agencies given your limited resources? We can help! 

CJIS ACE offers both on-site and remote CJIS audits of criminal and noncriminal justice agencies as well as their vendors. That's right! With our industry standard electronic auditing tool, we offer insight into where the audit process is, which agencies/vendors are compliant and which aren't, as well as a compliance trending analysis.

Let our experts handle it all. Contact us today.




CJIS Bootcamps are customized, intensive learning sessions ideal for new CJIS Systems Officers, CJIS information Security Officers, IT staff, and many others. 

Choose from completely customized single or multi-day on-site engagements. 

The CJIS ACE team consists of members that have been state CSOs, CJIS ISOs, IT staff, as well as sworn and unsworn law enforcement officers and support staff.


CJIS ACE is the only team that can bring this level of experience and insight to your organization.




Consolidating IT services can come with a host of unique issues. Another entity is the custodian of your criminal justice information - but how do you ensure they're CJIS compliant? 

The CJIS ACE team has participated in many of these major transformations and has the expertise you need to get through the process easily. In addition to state-level consolidations, we offer assistance with county, city, town, and village IT consolidations.


With our unique skills, experience, and perspective, we will guide your organization to a more complete understanding of the CJIS security requirements. 

Need to review that new architecture design or proposal from a CJIS compliance perspective? Want an unbiased CJIS compliance assessment of that proposal? Contact the CJIS ACE team! We will review and assess any architecture design for CJIS compliance, and we will offer unbiased, technically sound analyses and ready-to-implement recommendations



& Design

CJIS Resources

Brush up on the latest requirements by reading the FBI CJIS Security Policy, or sign up for the popular CJIS ACE Newsletter.  

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