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Testimonial from Patricia Safewright, Dispatcher, Anderson Co Sheriff's Office, SC

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

"I changed my career of 21 years after much consideration and changing my mind several times. I haven’t been with ACSO long, but I’m really glad I took that step.

I feel blessed to be a part of ACSO and being able to work with staff here that love what they do. I’ve had the pleasure to meet many people that I have admired from afar and also feel acceptance into a new “work family”.

The decision came easier knowing that I come from a family of law enforcement and 1st responders. My mother retired from TazewelI, Va police department after 26 years of service as dispatcher, interim chief and records keeper. (All before 911 ) She considered the officers “her boys”. And it’s ironic that she also worked with her son (my oldest brother) who was a police officer at the department. My father was Captain of the rescue squad in Tazewell. And no surprise; my brothers were EMT’s.

I chose to be in dispatch so that I could give back to my community and feel pride in what I do. All the while, hoping I’m making my mother proud in “backing the blue” and serving my community.

Thank you ACSO!"


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