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Supporting Girls in STEM with Outreach

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

In its continuing support for the advancement of women in technology, Diverse Computing teamed up with the SciGirls Coding Camp for its second year running. This year, project manager Desiree Fraser and customer support representative Donna Sothen co-hosted a two-hour session with about 15 sixth to ninth-graders.

In their visit to the Diverse Computing headquarters, the girls programmed robots to draw the constellations that correspond to their zodiac signs.

First, each girl found their sign by looking at diagrams of the night sky that Desiree drew by hand. Then, the girls were split into two groups. Each group received a large whiteboard mat, an iPad, and a small robot equipped with a dry erase marker. The girls took turns inputting commands into the robot, using a program on their iPad, to make it move in certain directions in order to achieve the end-goal: to draw the constellations.

SciGirls is a two-week hands-on summer camp funded by the National Science Foundation. Its mission is to spark girls’ interest in STEM. The all-girl camp is supported by an all-female team of teachers and guest scientists.

Read more about our community engagement over at our Community Outreach page.


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