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Poem by Keysha Harris, TAC, Cherokee Co 911, SC

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

"We hear your cries

We feel your pain

We rarely know the outcome

Sometimes not even a name.

As we sit on ready, set, go mode

Anticipating the next call

The phone begins to ring

It’s one of our own.

We remain calm during the storm

Sharp on our toes

Trying to stay one step ahead

That’s why we employ the color gold.

We’re the unsung heroes,

The voice behind the phones

The one’s that give life saving instructions

Before police, fire, or medics arrive.

We do it for the outcome, not the income

Because there’s not a price for saving lives.

For we are the voices in the shadows,

Which no one ever sees,

We are Dispatchers, giving our all on every call."


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