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Small Towns Benefit from Big Software Innovation with eAgent

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

DCI Brings Innovative Technology to Law Enforcement

Small to mid-level law enforcement agencies throughout the Southeastern U.S. have been upgrading their criminal justice software in order to gain the upper hand on fighting crime. Because of their partnership with Diverse Computing and eAgent, these agencies now have similar capabilities and access to criminal justice information as many of the larger municipal agencies have.

mobile law enforcement software

Athens Police Department in Tennessee is one such agency that put our software to good use. In 2010, Athens PD installed eAgent Client for the mobile data terminals in their patrol cars. With this software, they were able to run queries and pull up criminal justice data directly from their cars instead of having to call into their dispatch center.

“Increased safety is a big advantage to the system,” says Chief Ziegler. “Now I am able to see if a person I am talking to may have a violent background, likes to use weapons or has a warrant.”

“Increased safety is a big advantage to the system.”

Another key feature of eAgent Client for Mobiles is the ability to pull up driver’s license photos. Athens officers can even pull up driver’s license photos from outside of Tennessee as part of the Nlets Interstate Sharing of Photos program.

Chief Ziegler emphasizes, “eAgent Client for Mobiles software has helped in cutting down on suspects being able to give false IDs in hopes of eluding law enforcement. While on a follow-up, I can make sure that I am talking to the right person by comparing driver’s license photos and physicals gained from eAgent.”

"eAgent Client has helped in cutting down on suspects being able to give false IDs."

In 2012, Athens PD further upgraded their software capabilities by purchasing eAgent Client for Handhelds. Diverse Computing developed this software for field officers who wanted access to criminal justice information on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets.

Athens PD is one of 1,500 other law enforcement agencies in the Southeast who use the eAgent suite of products.

Read more about our partnerships over at our Major Projects page.


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