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Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

law enforcement software ncic access software

In 2005, Diverse Computing was awarded a contract in our home state of Florida to implement a modern, turn-key, web-based solution to replace a previous out-of-date system. With this in mind, we created a customized version of our eAgent Client NCIC Access for Desktops for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). This included full access to NCIC, Nlets, and Florida Criminal Information Center.

The eAgent products we deployed were:

  • NCIC Access for Desktops, Mobile Data Terminals, Handheld Devices, and Web

  • Advanced Authentication

  • VPN Connection

  • Message Switch

  • Justice XML Interface

The solution was deployed statewide and since then, many other Florida agencies have adopted other supplemental eAgent products. Besides completing this important update, we have completed multiple projects for FDLE spanning the past decade.


We had the pleasure of working with FDLE in 2013 when they contracted with Diverse Computing to develop a program that helped speed up the warranting process. The time-consuming paper process led to unnecessary risks such as reactionary domestic abuse and use of unregistered guns against police officers. Moreover, the warrant acquisition could take up to 12 days, causing unnecessary delays and risking the safety of officers and the public.

In response to this, Diverse Computing developed an electronic warrants system (eWarrants) which has shortened the warrant process from 12 days to 4-6 hours.

We at Diverse Computing are particularly proud of this breakthrough in public safety.

law enforcement software ncic access

Interstate Photo Sharing

Diverse Computing also played an important role in implementing interstate driver’s license photo sharing for the whole state of Florida. FDLE received a NISP Grant from Nlets to begin sharing and receiving driver's license photos across state lines. Because of our extensive experience with FCIC, we were chosen for this project. This new functionality went live in 2014.

We look forward to continuing to improve public and officer safety in the Sunshine State for many years to come.

Read more about our partnerships over at our Major Projects page.

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