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"Dispatchers are true blessings!" - Tori Simmons, TAC, Laurens Police Department, SC

"I first started my dispatch career in 2010 after I was offered a job during my internship. I first took the dispatcher position to get my foot in the door during college while studying criminal justice. I never realized it would turn into a passion and a rewarding career. I love being able to help people in the time of need. I left the profession for a few years and I couldn’t be happier to be back! I am currently our agency's TAC and I do miss the daily interactions as a dispatcher with the citizens of our communities but I enjoy getting to fill in when it’s needed. Dispatchers are true blessings! We have many wonderful dispatchers throughout Laurens County! Once a dispatcher always a dispatcher! "

-Tori Simmons, TAC, Laurens Police Department, SC


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