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Broward County Sheriffs Office Adopts eAgent JXI

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Broward County SO, FL Uses eAgent JXI to Integrate Jail Management System to NCIC

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office uses a Jail Management System (JMS) that is capable of querying NCIC and the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC). They use this JMS system as part of their process to run criminal histories.

xml interface law enforcement information exchange

Some JMS systems on the market are unable to perform queries directly to NCIC or state level Criminal Justice Information systems. To add this functionality, Broward SO adopted eAgent Justice XML Interface (JXI).

eAgent JXI allows Broward’s JMS to interface directly to NCIC/FCIC message switches. This means that Broward SO doesn’t have to do “double entry” of data into separate systems. And this drastically improves their deputies’ efficiency.

“We developed eAgent JXI for those law enforcement agencies that wanted to expand the functionality of their current systems, " said Tony Pun, Chief Innovator at Diverse Computing. “In the case of Broward County Sheriff’s Office, our JXI solution allowed them to perform FCIC/NCIC queries directly through their Jail Management System.”

With Broward’s previous JMS integration system, they had ongoing downtime problems with the FCIC interface. But by switching to eAgent JXI, Broward was able to use JXI’s Active/Active set up where there are two redundant application connections to the FCIC/NCIC message switch.

The combination of the JXI solution and the modified JMS has thus far provided a very stable environment for Jail operations.

“eAgent JXI dramatically increased the JMS connection stability with FCIC,” notes Craig Gibbens, President of Diverse Computing. “The JXI connection redundancy eliminated downtime that had previously been a major issue for Broward SO.”

Besides JMS, eAgent JXI can also interface with:

– Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

– Records Management Systems (RMS)

– Warrants Systems

eAgent JXI is able to interface with a State/NCIC message switch, work through its messy socket protocol, “translate” information into XML, and pass this standardized data along to systems like a JMS.

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