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We've been writing the CJIS ACE Newsletter for a few years now. If you're interested in reading up on our previous newsletters, or learning more on how the whole audit and compliance process works, head on over to our archive.

Download the CJIS Security Policy


Many new regulations were made in the updated CSP. Download the latest CJIS Security Policy and read for yourself what the expectations are and how your agency is affected.

Download the Requirements companion Document 

Recommended changes to the CJIS Security Policy were approved by the Advisory Policy Board in the previous year and subsequently approved by the Director, FBI. The Policy contains current requirements carried over from previous versions along with newly approved requirements for agencies to implement. 

Worried about CJIS vs. NIST?​

Download the security control mapping of the CJIS Security Policy (Ver 5.3) requirements to the NIST Special Publication 800-53. These mappings will help shape your agency’s security policy and ensure that you have the required components for both CJIS and NIST regulations.

For channelers - Security and management control outsourcing standard for channelers

FOR CHANNELERS - third party audits Excerpt from the FBI solicitation channelers to the FBI CJIS division for national noncriminal justice fingerprint submissions


Independent third-party audit requirements from the FBI Channeler RFP 


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