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The Next Gen, CJIS-Compliant Integration Platform

State of the art message routing system for law enforcement agencies that want to replace their out-of-date message switches.

eAgent FUSE is the next gen integration platform for criminal justice agencies… it’s not your grandfather’s message switch.

– Tony Pun, Chief Innovator at DCI

eAgent FUSE is ideal for agencies that:

● Have a message switch that is out-of-date, uses old interface protocols, or is based on a mainframe

● Are having extreme difficulty with making even simple updates to their message switch

● Have a message switch that is not CJIS-compliant

● Want a new message switch based on open standards and open technologies instead of vendor-proprietary software

● Are growing frustrated with their current message switch vendor because it is not being supported properly

● Need to interface with disparate criminal justice information systems including federal, local, and interstate data systems

● Are looking for a vendor that can customize a system to fit an agency’s business rules and software requirements

● Complete compliance with all CJIS Security Policies mandated by the FBI

● A team of CJIS experts who continually stay up-to-date with new CJIS mandates and can support you 24/7/365

● Very high availability

● True platform independence since it is based on Java (the preferred, enterprise-grade programming language)

● Real-time information sharing and data exchange among disparate systems

● Guaranteed message delivery through advanced queueing

● Built on open-technology and open-standards (e.g. OJBC and GRA), so no “vendor lock-in”

● Flexible communication mechanisms can talk to socket interfaces, web-services, AMQP 1.0, & file-based methods

● Easy and in-depth auditing reports (which are now mandated by the FBI)

The eAgent FUSE system was developed to incorporate industry and justice standards including:

● NCIC (National Crime Information Center)

● Nlets (International Justice and Public Safety Network)

● CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System)

● NIEM (National Information Exchange model)

● GRA (Global Reference Architecture)

● OJBC (Open Justice Broker Consortium)

● Web Services

eAgent FUSE can connect to many external interfaces, including:

● NCIC (National Crime Information Center)

● Nlets (International Justice and Public Safety Network)

● CCH (Computerized Criminal History)

● DOC (Department of Corrections)

● DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

● CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch Systems)

● RMS (Record Management Systems)

● Warrants

● And many more…


eAgent FUSE- Next generation integration platform for CJIS compliant message routing

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eAgent FUSE Workflow and Routing Engine

The eAgent FUSE workflow and routing engine has many defined endpoints and sections that are founded on well-established “Enterprise Integration Patterns.” Where necessary, custom endpoints, components, and processors can be easily deployed, building from the foundation of pre-built components.

eAgent FUSE utilizes a software architectural model that combines several outstanding, commercially-supported, open-source technologies such as:


  • ● Routing capabilities with pre-built components and endpoints
  • ● Highly scalable queuing infrastructure
  • ● Management tool set for monitoring and management capabilities


All of these technologies are specially built to promote agility and flexibility between disparate applications. The components of the eAgent FUSE workflow and routing system allow for a high level of “scalability”– that is, the ability to be expanded in order to meet your agency’s workload as it grows over time.

eAgent FUSE workflow and routing engine


the perks of eAgent: open source, interoperable, customizable, shareable, and more

Enterprise-Grade Open-Source Technology

Diverse Computing, Inc has a long standing reputation of putting our clients first and giving them unparalleled support. These ideals inspired our decision to use open-source technology when creating eAgent FUSE, our next generation of CJIS-compliant message switches. So how does this help your agency? Especially when compared to message switches from other vendors who use their own proprietary code?

1) The biggest benefit is flexibility if/when your system needs to be upgraded or customized. With open-source systems, you are free to utilize a wide range of developers, and you can easily tweak the system to suit your agency’s needs. Conversely, if your message switch was developed using proprietary software, you are pretty much handcuffed to that vendor and limited by that vendor’s vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities and timetable.

2) Another benefit is ongoing support. With open-source systems, there are a large pool of experienced developers for your agency to tap into if you need to replace any team of supporting personnel. However, with proprietary software, the vendor can go out of business, leaving their products and customers unsupported.

3) Increased security is a critical benefit with open-source software systems. By definition, open-source software means that it is open for public view and thus has a lot more people to test the code and identify flaws. Proprietary software, on the other hand, is the exact opposite– only the vendor’s quality control testers are able to analyze the code, so there will not be very many eyeballs looking things over. If a system is based on proprietary code, it is closed from public view, so no one except the vendor has the faintest clue how many bugs the system contains.

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