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eAgent Criminal Justice Software Solutions

The following public safety and law enforcement solutions are available for federal, state, city, county and local agencies.


CJI Data Access Solutions for the Criminal Justice Community

Innovation, inspired by you.

Diverse Computing has a long history of bringing effective COTS solutions to the criminal justice market based on the current and evolving needs of our customers.

DCI’s “Diverse Approach” leverages a deep and diverse combination of technical skills, criminal justice expertise, and forward thinking leadership to create meaningful tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information sharing in the criminal justice domain.  Additionally, DCI’s approach and methodology places a high-value on the customer experience through effective customer support and feedback mechanisms that feed a process for continual improvement and product evolution.

CJI Access Solutions

Web-based Full-access NCIC Solution

eAgent 2.0 is a web-based solution that allows full access to NCIC, Nlets, and state CJIS systems. Because it doesn’t require any installation, this software is perfect for agencies who don’t wish to install and administer software on multiple user terminals. This advantage is especially important for large agencies that have numerous users. The user interface is responsive, so you can use this on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. eAgent 2.0 has been loaded with numerous user-friendly features including custom user settings, alerts, shortcuts to favorite forms, and color-coded responses, all in a beautiful, modern design.

Our Original Full-Access, Feature-Rich NCIC Software

eAgent for desktops is designed for the power user who runs a high volume of NCIC, Nlets, and state CJIS queries every day at the office. This full-access software is the culmination of all the intuitive feature requests that our law enforcement users have sent to us, and it includes user-friendly features you won’t find on any other NCIC software. Many of the features make navigation and data entry much more efficient for dispatch and 911 center agents. eAgent for desktops is also highly customizable for each specific user’s preferences.

““The officers like the features and functions built into eAgent Client for mobile units, and many of these features are something that New Mexico has never seen… There is a tremendous demand for the product due to its being very intuitive and easy to use.”



Workflow and Routing Engine (NCIC, Nlets, & CJIS)

eAgent FUSE is the next generation of CJIS-compliant workflow engines and offers advanced benefits over other message routing/gateway systems. If your agency has an out-of-date message switch, upgrading to eAgent FUSE is an ideal way to modernize your system. It creates a much more efficient solution for exchanging data with different criminal justice information systems. DCI is able to customize an affordable message routing solution that fits the business rules and requirements of your specific agency, and we have a wide range of experience with implementing these systems for federal, state, and local agencies.

Modern Computerized Criminal History (CCH) System

eAgent Computerized Criminal History (CCH) is a customizable solution designed to meet your requirements, unique or standard. This solution modernizes the way your organization operates, increasing productivity and data quality by working with the way your department works. Our core system is the ideal solution for departments and agencies looking to integrate with state and local data systems including AFIS and many others.

XML Interface for Criminal Systems to Connect to NCIC

eAgent JXI is a multi-platform XML interface solution that can quickly and easily connect your local systems to NCIC, Nlets, and CJIS systems. Connect your Warrants, Pawn, Ticketing, Court, Jail, Offender Supervision, and other apps to query NCIC. Once connected, your agents will no longer need to do double entry into systems that were previously separate. If your agency also has programmers who are developing applications that interface to State and NCIC systems, eAgent JXI “translates” the messy socket protocols into XML and passes this standardized data along to your coders, vastly decreasing the complexity of such programming projects.

Secure Connectivity Solutions

Affordable Alternative to State Provided CJIS Connection for TN, GA and AR

eAgent Gateway is an excellent alternative to the State CJIS connection available in Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas. If your agency is currently in one of these states, then you have the option to upgrade your secure connection while saving thousands of dollars a year with eAgent Gateway. Or maybe you have a connection through another vendor, and that connection keeps failing or isn’t well-supported? Our eAgent Gateway connection is extremely reliable, and all of our customers receive support from live technical agents 24/7/365 in the rare event that there is an issue.

Advanced Authentication for Law Enforcement

eAgent X2 is the solution that will get your agency compliant with the new CJIS security policy mandate for Advanced Authentication. This 2-factor authentication solution comes with multiple methods of second-factor retrieval so administration is simple. These methods include printable paper cards, SMS text message, a smartphone app, or digital hard tokens. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, easy to implement solution, look no further.

“We’ve used the Gateway Connection for several years and switch to, eAgent for software at the end of 2013. The Criminal History Log is awesome. We’ve been very pleased with the customer support that we’ve received for both our connection to TBI and our TIES software. And we’ve saved money.”