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How to Get "CJIS Certified"

So, you want to know about CJIS Certification.

-From the Desk of Deputy Director of FBI Policy & CJIS Assessments, Larry Coffee

I’ve got good news and bad news. While at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, I used to get calls all the time from agencies asking me whether their vendor was CJIS Certified.

The bad news? No one has developed an official CJIS Certification. It just doesn’t exist. If there is no certification process, how do you know you or your vendor can meet the Security Policy standards?

The good news is…CJIS Readiness does exist and CJIS ACE can help! CJIS ACE gets you as close as possible to CJIS Certification - we call it “CJIS Ready”.

Our assessment process is designed to help agencies and vendors become CJIS Ready through:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Transfer on all of the CJIS Security Policy Requirements

  • Detailed Process Evaluation to determine what applies to your organization and your compliance levels

  • Accurate Compliance Mitigation Strategies to meet the requirements

  • Thorough Documentation within our compliance solution, CJIS Insight

Upon completion of our process, your organization is ready to meet the compliance requirements defined in the CJIS Security Policy and will receive the CJIS Ready Seal.

The CJIS Ready Seal is the first and only industry standard for compliance with the FBI CJIS Security Policy. For local agencies, if your vendor has this seal it attests they’ve been through the process and knows what it takes to be CJIS compliant. It’s the closest thing to CJIS Certification that you’re going to find.

You may be wondering what happens after an initial assessment especially with all of the new changes happening with the CJIS Security Policy. We offer additional annual services to ensure up-to-date CJIS Readiness by coming back in to review past non-compliant items, while reviewing any new modernized ones. Vendors can earn our Continued Commitment Seal showing their ongoing dedication to being CJIS Compliant.

For more information, check out our other CJIS ACE pages including services for Agencies and for Vendors, and our compliance tracking tool CJIS Insight.

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