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DCI Reaches Another Major Project Milestone

Over the past 22 months, DCI's Oregon State Police (OSP) LEDS 20/20 project team has implemented many of DCI's core products, including the eAgent FUSE message switch, our eAgent 2.0 NCIC access software, eAgent ECM, eAgent MART, and eAgent Viewpoint. Additionally, DCI has migrated OSP's regional systems and Marine Board, Medical Marijuana, Department of Corrections Photos, DMV, and Nlets interfaces from the old message switch to DCI’s eAgent FUSE message switch.

The OSP team gathers in the conference room during the go-live of Phase 2.0.

On Wednesday, 10/16, the OSP LEDS 20/20 team completed another major project milestone with the implementation of Phase 2.0. In Phase 2.0, DCI implemented the new eAgent Hot Files and CCH backend system, migrated the NCIC connection, introduced the new NIEM format for Nlets, and delivered a major update to eAgent Viewpoint.

The eAgent Hot Files and eAgent CCH backend system allows users to access records related to in-state activities, including stolen vehicles, missing persons, sex offenders, and criminal histories. NCIC allows Oregon users to access records that are relevant to all states.

Team members moved their work stations to the conference room.

We have now been in production with this functionality for nearly three weeks. This was the largest, most impactful release of the LEDS 20/20 project so far, as the eAgent FUSE message switch now directly communicates with the major systems mentioned above. 

Moving forward, the OSP team is looking forward to a migration of the disposition interface, implementation of the new eAgent Identity Center product, which will include individual user interface modules to support CCH, regulatory/ABIS, and firearm background check workflows. In addition, DCI will also work to bring a robust disaster recovery solution to Oregon State Police to ensure the system remains online in the event of a catastrophe.

The OSP team used the conference room as a collaborative environment for the day.


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