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A Look Into the Future of Technology in Law Enforcement

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Last week Diverse Computing Director of Operations Nichole Moore gave a talk at the TalTech Alliance TechExpo where she discussed the future of technology in the law enforcement industry.

law enforcement technology

When we think of law enforcement technology, we often think about shows like CSI and NCIS with their instantaneous results and high-tech gear. This, Nichole says, is known as the “CSI Myth,” and it muddles the reality of innovation in law enforcement.

“The CSI Myth shapes our perception of data and technology so much that knowing what innovation truly looks like becomes difficult,” she said.

So what is the reality of innovation in law enforcement?

Outdated systems, paper processes, and disparity of information abound in the industry, and user expectations are low due to constrained budgets and limited resources.

“The CSI Myth shapes our perception of data and technology so much that knowing what innovation truly looks like becomes difficult.”

Instead of touchscreen and virtual reality interfaces, innovation usually manifests in things like the Diverse Computing Electronic Warrants project.

E-Warrants was rolled out in response to the average 12-day waiting period for a warrant to be processed. The people at Diverse Computing understood this to be a high liability for officers and the public, so they came up with a goal to improve information-sharing by making the process entirely electronic.

After the E-Warrants system was implemented by DCI, the average filing time decreased from 12 days to 4-6 hours.

“Our goal with the E-Warrants project was to improve information sharing in order for our users to make more informed decisions on gun purchases,” said Nichole.

So, innovation in the industry often means digitizing processes and ensuring that critical information is available to the appropriate personnel.

For instance, our new DL Scanner is one of the many amazingly user-friendly features offered with eAgent 2.0, our mobile-ready NCIC access solution. Users will be able to simply use their phone to snap a photo of a license in order to ensure the safety and identities of those attending the rally.

Nichole believes in celebrating these milestones while constantly looking ahead. “Our philosophy of innovation is to provide the software you haven’t asked for yet,” she said. “Because if you had to ask, we were too late.”

Want to learn more about technology in law enforcement? Check out our blog.


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