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How to get started with eAgent 2.0, including logging in and changing your password.

2. environment

Discover all of our unique and easy features, set up your inbox, and more.

3. Smart message

Learn how to send a query on a gun, person, vehicle, NIC, or driver's license.

4. message detail

Learn how to view, edit, and print transactions and responses.

5. message key forms

Learn the formatting requirements, fields, and help options for filling out forms.

6. reports

How to create a report so you can review and print messages.

7. User Settings

Change your preferences for display, night mode, text size, etc.

8. YQ Workflow

Learn how to receive and respond to YQ's.

9. Mobile Environment

Navigate through the eAgent 2.0 environment on a mobile device.

Need More help?

Our Support Representatives are always available! Give us a call or send us an email any time.

Support Line: 1-866-656-3338 ext. 2

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