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CJIS Compliance doesn't just happen.


Get prepared with

cjis audit

What is CJIS aCE?

FBI and State CJIS (pronounced see-jis) requirements can be difficult to understand. That's why we created CJIS ACE, a team of Audit and Compliance Experts (ACEs) to guide you through every CJIS requirement. 

Watch the video to learn more or scroll down for more information. 

Get the official cjis compliance seal

Demonstrate your compliance.

CJIS ACE offers the closest thing to CJIS certification you can get: the first and only industry standard process for compliance in accordance with the FBI CJIS Security Policy.

cjis audit
CJIS ACE COmmitment Shield without date.

Demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

Earn the Continued Commitment Seal when CJIS ACE returns to ensure your organization has implemented what is necessary to reach compliance.


CJIS ACE can provide Third-Party Audit Services for Channelers

FBI approved channelers need to be audited annually by a third-party vendor. Our team is thoroughly familiar with the CJIS Security Policy and all FBI & outsourcing standards, including the new RFP guidelines, which allows us to help you with your auditing needs.


For more information, email or call 850.656.3333, ext 288.


How can we help you

get prepared for your CJIS Audit?

CJIS ACE works with public safety agencies, service providers, and organizations that interact with Criminal Justice Information. We also help with IT consolidation before, during, and after the move.

Let's help you get and stay compliant. Get started today.

CJIS Audit services tailored to your needs

Every compliance package is made specifically for each client because we understand that everyone's needs are different.

fbi and state cjis compliance made easy

We will walk you through our simple, five-step process. From the initial check-in to the post-audit follow up, we'll be by your side.

CJIS Audit expertise — at your fingertips

Our CJIS ACE team has worked in law enforcement for decades, just take a look at our team resume! We understand, from personal experience, that CJIS audit and compliance preparation can cause anxiety and confusion. We also understand exactly how to ensure your victim and criminal information is secure and FBI compliant.

The most experienced cjis Audit preparation service available

cjis audit

A Message from the director - Bill tatun

When I retired from my previous career with the New York State Police, I wanted to continue helping the criminal justice community. From its inception in early 2014, the CJIS ACE team, which has over 125 combined years of real-world experience in law enforcement and as practitioners of CJIS policy, has provided valuable, CJIS-related subject matter expertise to criminal and noncriminal justice agencies, as well as vendors who supply products and services to them.

CJIS ACE is something that I hold close to my heart because during my time with the New York State Police I experienced and lived the importance of how criminal justice information helps protect our citizens, law enforcement officers and increases overall public safety. The CJIS ACE team stands ready to help you in our shared goal to protect the critical systems we all rely on each and every day. 

Take care, 


Meet The Team

cjis audit



Director of CJIS ACE

Chief ISO of Diverse Computing

cjis audit

Larry Coffee

Senior ACE

CJIS Security Analyst

cjis audit

Doug Hopkins

CJIS Subject Matter Expert

Security Analyst

Brooke Lynn Siracusano 500px.png

Brooke Lynn Siracusano

CJIS Security Analyst

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