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CJIS compliance doesn’t just happen.

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The Most Reputable CJIS Compliance & Audit Preparation Service Available

If you handle victim and criminal information, or do fingerprint-based background checks, you need to be compliant with the FBI Security Policy mandates. That document can be confusing and difficult to navigate. So where can you turn for advice?

With over 125 years of combined experience, our expert team can simplify the preparation process for you.

Our CJIS (pronounced see-jis) Audit and Compliance Experts will customize a plan specific to your organization and walk you through our simple, five-step process. From the initial check-in to the post-audit follow-up, we’ll be by your side.

It’s the smartest and simplest way to protect yourself, your company, and your clients.

Over 125 Years Combined Experience

Each member of the CJIS ACE team has worked in law enforcement for decades (just take a look at our team resume!). We know from personal experience that CJIS compliance & audit preparation can cause anxiety and confusion. But we know exactly how to ensure your victim and criminal information is secure and FBI compliant.



Trust the experts to help you get — and stay — compliant.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

CJIS audit and compliance preparation can be tough.

CJIS ACE works with public safety agencies, vendors, and organizations that perform fingerprint-based background checks. We also help with IT consolidation, whether you’re going through the process now, or you already have — let’s help you get and stay compliant.


Click below to view the services we offer for your specific organization.

FBI Security Policy compliance and audit preparation services specifically catered to our folks in law enforcement.

Compliance readiness for vendors selling products or services for criminal justice information access.

FBI audit preparation for businesses doing licensure processes or fingerprint background checks on employees or volunteers.

Preparation for criminal justice agencies whose IT is handled by a separate agency, or “IT consolidation.”

The CJIS ACE Process

We will customize a plan specific to your organization, then walk you through our simple, five-step process. From the initial check-in to the follow-up, we’ll be by your side.

Click below to fill out a contact form and one of our ACEs will be in touch with you right away. During our quick assessment, we’ll help you decide which plan best suits your needs and answer any questions you may have about the process. Even if you aren’t sure CJIS ACE is right for you, let us help put your mind at ease with a simple call.


We’ll take it from here.

The Official CJIS ACE Compliance Seal

CJIS Audit & Compliance

When you earn the right to display the CJIS ACE Compliance Seal, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to FBI CJIS Security Policy compliance.

CJIS ACE offers the first and only industry standard process for compliance reporting and mitigation plan development in accordance with the FBI CJIS Security Policy. It’s the closest thing you can get to “CJIS certification.” Sign up today to get started toward earning your CJIS ACE Compliance Seal.


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