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An audit can happen at any time.

Get prepared with CJIS ACE.


CJIS Audit and Compliance Experts is the industry’s most reputable audit preparation service for organizations that handle criminal and victim information. Our team of experts simplifies the FBI audit process for you. It’s the smartest and simplest way to protect yourself, your company, and your clients.

Nearly 150 Years Combined Experience

We’ve been in the industry a long time. Our team has been on both sides of the FBI audit process as auditors and auditees, so we know audits inside and out. Trust the experts to help you get — and stay — compliant.




Select Your Type of Organization

CJIS Audit and Compliance Consulting for law enforcement agencies CJIS compliance consulting for vendors/providers selling products and services to the criminal justice community. CJIS security policy compliance consulting for non-criminal justice organizations (any organization that conducts background checks)

You represent a local, state, or federal public safety agency. Your organization regularly accesses and/or stores CJIS data. You might be preparing for an audit, or you might want to take preventative measures to make sure your agency is compliant.

You are part of a company or organization that offers CJIS-related products or services to criminal justice organizations. You want to be able to confidently assure your clients that you are compliant, and you want to do this in a cost-effective manner.


You represent an organization that performs fingerprint-based background checks on employees, volunteers, or licensees. This may be your first experience with audits and you want CJIS compliance consulting.

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