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Welcome to CJIS ACE… your CJIS compliance experts

CJIS and NCIC requirements can be daunting and difficult to fully understand. That’s why we created CJIS ACE, a team of Audit and Compliance Experts (ACEs) who are here to guide you through the ins and outs of each CJIS requirement. When you engage with our CJIS ACE consultants, we create customized plans to help your organization get and stay compliant and be ready for any upcoming audit.

Please choose from one of the three categories below that best describes the type of organization you are with. This will help us provide you with the most up-to-date information relevant to your specific type of organization.

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Select Your Type of Organization: 

CJIS Audit and Compliance Consulting for law enforcement agencies CJIS compliance consulting for vendors/providers selling products and services to the criminal justice community. CJIS security policy compliance consulting for non-criminal justice organizations (any organization that conducts background checks)

You represent a local, state, or federal public safety agency. Your organization regularly accesses and/or stores CJIS data. Perhaps you are preparing for an audit, or perhaps you simply wish to take preventative measures to make sure your agency is compliant. You wish to save time and money by avoiding hiring a full-time professional CJIS expert, so you are interested in a CJIS ACE consultant as an alternative.

You are part of a company or organization that offers CJIS-related products or services to criminal justice organizations. In order to provide to such agencies, they require that your products or services are CJIS compliant. You want to be able to confidently assure your clients that you are indeed compliant, and you want to do this in a cost-effective manner without having to hire a full-time CJIS expert. Above anything else, you wish to avoid losing your customers’ trust, and consequently, losing sales. You want to proudly display the CJIS ACE Compliance Seal.


You represent an organization that performs fingerprint-based background checks on employees, volunteers, or licensees. For example, you may be in child services, an amusement park, a school system, etc. where doing background checks is mandated. As of September, 2014, non-criminal justice agencies like yours will be audited to make sure you comply with the CJIS Security Policy. This may be your first experience with such audits, and you want CJIS compliance consulting.

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