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About Diverse Computing

Our History

Our focus is, and has always been, on the unique technology requirements of law enforcement agencies across the nation. Every product we develop at Diverse Computing stems from our core belief in listening to our clients.

Our development team hears the needs of our users and couples them with FBI and state regulations to create solutions that are user-friendly, efficient, secure, and compliant.

Because all of our products are created with a focus on the customer, we have had over 1,700 agencies nationwide adopt our eAgent solutions.

Co-Founders Dan Percy & Tony Pun

Public Safety Is Our Mission

Diverse Computing was established in 2001 by co-founders Dan Percy and Tony Pun who had a vision for user-friendly software solutions to meet the unique needs of our nation’s law enforcement professionals.

Our first contract was with our home state of Florida, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement — who remains a highly satisfied client to this day. Since then, Diverse Computing has built a strong reputation for providing industry-leading software solutions.

From day one, the Diverse Computing team has focused on developing cutting edge technology that keeps officers and the public safe.

Our mission is to provide reliable access to the critical information law enforcement agencies need on a daily basis, and to provide these agencies the best customer service possible. This is why we are proud to offer technology ingrained with years of law enforcement DNA, backed by customer support that is second to none.

Senior Staff at Diverse Computing

Craig Gibbens



Why DCI?

Because providing timely and accurate information is crucial when making decisions that impact public and officer safety. 

President of Diverse Computing

Nichole Moore

Director of Operations


Why DCI?

Every day I have the opportunity to make the public safety community a better, more informed place.

Director of Operations

Lester Hutt

Communications and Outreach Manager


Why DCI?

So I can build and support a team of people who are passionate about improving public safety.

Communications and Outreach

Jamie Blakley

Director of Business Development


Why DCI?

Because I want to play a role in ensuring that families can rest easy every night.

Jamie Blakley

Bill Tatun

Chief Information Security Officer

Director of CJIS ACE


Why DCI?

So I can continue to support the men and women out in the field who keep us safe.

Bill Tatun


Our Founders

Dan Percy


Legal & HR

Tony Pun


Chief Innovator