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Insight is here!


Hey Everyone,


Last week I did promise you a surprise and here it is!


CJIS ACE announces the arrival of CJIS Insight!


We’ve built an awesome application to help you track and document how you comply with the CJIS Security Policy (CSP). Whether you are a criminal justice agency getting ready for an audit, or a vendor who is constantly asked “are you CJIS compliant”, CJIS Insight WILL HELP YOU. 


For y’all criminal justice agencies, I know how it works. When audit time rolls around, there’s a mad dash to confirm if what you’re doing complies with the CSP and find the required documents.  By tracking your compliance in CJIS Insight, you preserve your corporate knowledge on how your agency meets the CSP requirements. No more difficult transitions when personnel turnover occurs. And we’ve all been there when the experts leaves. 


For you vendors, current and prospective clients want to know how you comply with the CSP so they can ensure your product is not going to get them in trouble come audit time. We’ve seen it on RFPs: vendor must comply with the CJIS Security Policy, and all vendors will say “we’re CJIS Compliant”. CJIS Insight gives you a way to document and prove that compliance. 

The most valuable tool that comes with CJIS Insight is the CJIS ACE Team! CJIS Insight comes with our years of experience dealing with the world of the CJIS Security Policy (and writing parts of it). You’ll have us there to help you through those issues that crop up, and y’all know they crop up.


To see CJIS Insight for yourself, check out our new video on our website at https://www.diversecomputing.com/cjis-insight


To quote my Momma from around supper time, “Come and Get It!”  


If you have questions or would like a live demo, please give us a call at 850.656.3333 or you can email me at lcoffee@cjisace.com.


Y’all take care!


P.S. - and we KNOW it’ll fit your budget!