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Release CSP 5.8 Teaser

It’s been awhile since I sent y’all something, so here you go.


Version 5.8 of the CJIS Security Policy (CSP), dated June 1, 2019 is on the streets. You can find a copy, (along with the Requirements and Companion document) here: http://www.diversecomputing.com/cjis-security-policy-resources/ 


If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a quick summary of the changes


  • Section 3.2.2 CJIS Systems Officer (CSO): changes to be consistent with other appointment requirements

  • Section 3.2.2 CJIS Systems Officer (CSO): add requirement for LASO training

  • Section 4.1 Criminal Justice Information (CJI): addition clarifying language 

  • Section 5.2.1 Awareness Topics: rename section to “Basic Security Awareness Training”

  • Section 5.2.2 Security Training Records: change section title to “LASO Training” and add new requirements

  • Section Password: add new introductory paragraph and note

  • Section Advanced Password Standards: add new section and requirements

  • Section Intrusion Detection Tools and Techniques: add new introductory paragraph and requirements

  • Section 5.13.2 Mobile Device Management (MDM): add exception to the MDM requirement for indirect access

  • Section 5.13.3 Wireless Device Risk Mitigations: add language to bullets 6 and 7

  • Section Advanced Authentication: add language to relax requirement for indirect access

  • Section Compensating Controls: modify language to clarify requirements, 


The big changes have to deal with required annual LASO Training, new Intrusion Detection Tool requirements, some tweaks to the mobile device section for MDM and AA, and a new OPTIONAL advanced password standard.


CJIS ACE has a big announcement coming in the next few days. We think y’all are going to like it. It’s going to help with CSP compliance.

As always, CJIS ACE is here to help you navigate the CJIS Security policy and assist with your organization’s compliance. 

If you have questions, please give us a call at 850.656.3333 or you can email me at lcoffee@cjisace.com.


Y’all take care!