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Diverse Computing Strengthening for Continued Growth

Date Posted - 17th Apr 2018 |  Category - Uncategorized

Diverse Computing Strengthening for Continued Growth


Diverse Computing recently announced a plan to unify our organizational structure in order to further improve our strong culture, performance, and profitability.


Craig Gibbens, the President of Diverse Computing, said, “Over the last several months we have announced many structuring changes to the company in order to continue providing a great workplace, innovative software, and outstanding customer support. With the help of a multi-talented team of industry experts, we will set ourselves up for more long-term growth and success for many years to come.”



In November 2017, Craig was named President of Diverse Computing. He began to lead the team in a new direction toward optimizing operations and developing a company-wide mission and vision.


To help guide these endeavors, he appointed Nichole Moore as Director of Operations, formerly Senior Program Manager. Later, former Business Development Consultant Jamie Blakley was promoted to Director of Business Development.


Often, when changes like this occur, a company can lose some of its culture and quality. The Diverse Computing leadership team understands that it takes time, strategic analysis, and company-wide conversations to successfully implement changes to this degree and scale.


That is why Nichole and Jamie, along with Director of Communications & Outreach Lester Hutt, and Chief Information Security Officer, Bill Tatun, attended Aileron Leadership Development training in Ohio in March 2018.


Aileron is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping private-business owners find greater success. There, the team of leaders took classes and attended training to learn and apply the principles of professional management to our growing company.


Nichole believes the time is right for growth. “There’s a lot of opportunity for innovation in the criminal justice software industry, “ she said. “The preferences of governmental agencies are evolving with technology, which is dramatically reshaping expectations. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be restructuring and reframing our company because of the potential for long-term impact on the industry.”


Industry impact can also influence the day-to-day culture for employees. Diverse Computing is committed to preserving the culture and quality work that has earned us a 99% customer retention rate along with awards like Florida’s Best Companies to Work For and the 2017 Inc. 5000 List of the country’s fastest-growing companies.


Diverse Computing is also making space for added team members. Over the next few months, we will be building out an additional suite of office space at our Tallahassee headquarters to make room for more people.


This new strategy to unify and streamline will continue across several months, and Diverse Computing will position itself to meet challenges and welcome new growth with enthusiasm.


Diverse Computing develops software for the criminal justice community. Over 1,700 agencies nationwide entrust us with the safety of their officers  and communities every day, and that is a duty we take seriously. Recognized for our world-class customer support and exceptional company culture, we strive to be leaders in our industry and our community. Find out more about us at diversecomputing.com.