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MDT software from eAgent: Nlets & NCIC access in the patrol car

Fully-featured and user-friendly NCIC access software for officers on patrol – providing increased safety during traffic stops

“Runs rings around anything else we have used…Fast response for mobile operations and ease of use.”

-Tony Phillips, Lake City PD


eAgent Mobile is ideal for agencies that:

● Want a low-cost, reliable solution for getting NCIC access for patrol cars

● Want to cut down response time by not having to call queries into dispatch

● Want to improve officer safety during routine traffic stops

● Need a solution that is intuitive and highly customizable for MDT users

● Require compliance with all FBI and FIPS 140-2 security requirements

● Need automatic software updates that don’t burden end-users and administrators

● And want technical support from a knowledgeable agent to answer your call anytime of day, 24/7/365

This query-access software is the culmination of all of the intuitive feature requests that our patrol officer users have sent to us, and it includes user-friendly features you won’t find on any other NCIC access software:

Query-Only Access: each user can perform queries to NCIC, Nlets and state CJIS systems

24/7/365 Live Tech Support: our U.S. based tech support agents are available any time of day

Fast Bar: Frequently-used message keys are displayed for rapid queries (Name, Drivers Licence, D.O.B, Tag or VIN)

Driver’s License Photo: Reference an up-to-date image of suspect (great for positive identification)

Instant Mapping: Pinpoints the location of a suspect’s address instantly

Includes eAgent MART: an archive log of all transactions, allowing administrators to run audits and reports easily

Color-coded responses: Quickly draws attention to important or high-threat query responses

Auto Form Population : If you need to run secondary queries based on a particular response, the fields in those new forms will be pre-filled, saving you time and improving accuracy

● End-to-end encryption for secure information exchange

● Constant compliance with all FBI and state CJIS security requirements

● FIPS 140-2 compliance

● Automatic software updates

● If purchased as a hosted option, no server required at your agency’s location

● Also offered as an enterprise solution with a tailor-made message switch for your agency that can integrate with your local information systems (e.g. Warrants, RMS, CAD, Pawn, etc.)

● City police departments

● Sheriff’s offices

● Airport, university, military or national park police departments

● Courts & probation offices


eAgent NCIC and CJIS data access software for mobile data terminals (patrol cars)

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eAgent MDT allows you to access NCIC and CJIS data from your patrol car.

Feature-packed query software designed specifically for patrol


eAgent for Patrol Cars is the ideal software solution for agencies needing innovative criminal justice access in their MDTs at an affordable price. It is packed with numerous features that actual users have requested be put into the newest versions of our software. One such feature is Night-Mode, which switches the MDT display to a black background to provide eye comfort while maintaining visibility at night. Another feature includes one-touch SmartKeys that send queries with macro’d keys made for rapid entries. Or color-coded responses that quickly highlight important or high-threat responses. The list of user-friendly features goes on and on…


Try eAgent Mobile and find out why so many have switched to eAgent’s user-friendly interface.

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Increase safety during traffic stops

Departments using our eAgent for Patrol Car software for NCIC & Nlets querying have commented on the improved safety their patrol officers have during routine traffic stops. These agencies have also been able to cut down on suspects who give fake IDs in an attempt to evade capture.

For instance, if an officer wanted to run the tags on a vehicle he just pulled over, all he would need to do is quickly type in the license plate into the FastBar, and eAgent would automatically run both a QV and RQ. Or if an officer wanted to run a driver’s license, she would just need to type in the DL number or suspect’s first name/last name/DOB into the FastBar, and eAgent would run both a DQ and QWA. There is no wasted time with calling in the queries to dispatch or putting undo workload on the call center.

The responses returned would be color-coded for any important hits, so the officer would get immediate feedback if he or she is dealing with something more than a routine traffic stop (like a stolen vehicle or someone who is wanted). Also, when a driver’s license photo is returned in the response, the officer could instantly confirm the suspects identity or tell if that suspect is using a fake ID.

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A police officer using eAgent MDT in his patrol car

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What Our Clients Think

Department of Public Safety of New Mexico- an eAgent client

“The officers like the features and functions built into eAgent Client for mobile units, and many of these features are something that New Mexico has never seen… There is a tremendous demand for the product due to its being very intuitive and easy to use.”

-Stephen Tapke, New Mexico DPS

City of Lake Alfred, FL- an eAgent client

” I want to thank you for all your assistance with getting our agency set up with the eAgent software. My officers are very satisfied with the software at this time. They really are happy to see this program in use. The fact that the officers are now able to send for and retrieve the information from their units will make a traffic stop safer for them and also take the burden off of the dispatchers.”

-Sgt. Danny Monroe, Lake Alfred Police

Chester County Sheriff- an eAgent client

“eAgent Client for Mobiles has helped in cutting down on suspects’ being able to give false IDs in hopes of eluding law enforcement. While on a follow-up, I can make sure I am talking to the right person by using the photos and physical descriptions gained from the eAgent software. Increased safety is another big advantage to the system. Now, I am able to see if a person I am talking to is wanted, has a violent background, or likes to use weapons.”

-Barbie Paulman, Chester County Sheriff’s

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This Solution is Available Through GSA

Click here to go to our GSA E-library company listing. From there, you will be able to download GSA pricing for our different licensing options. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about eAgent for Patrol Cars (MDTs) or any of our other popular solutions. If you would like to request a demo or more information, please call us at 1-866-656-3338 ext. 3

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