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eAgent 2.0 offers full access to NCIC

Full access to CJI from a browser.

eAgent 2.0 is the world’s first zero-footprint, full-access NCIC solution. No installation, no Java, just efficiency.


Forward-thinking features. Simple user interface.

Despite its powerful platform, eAgent 2.0 is our most user-friendly interface yet.

A modern yet familiar design

Screenshot of the eAgent 2.0 UI (User-Interface), highlighting the inbox, smart message and forms menu

the eAgent 2.0 inbox

eAgent 2.0 is designed to replicate a modern email client, so you already know how to use it. Messages are automatically color-coded and grouped into tabs to indicate threat levels. Users can customize tabs to personalize the experience.

Smart Message, a feature of eAgent 2.0

The Smart Message feature uses predictive algorithms to anticipate the user’s entry, much like Google does. This smart messaging greatly increases the speed at which eAgent users can send queries in the system.

The eAgent 2.0 forms menu

Just like eAgent Client, 2.0 includes a menu of all forms, and allows for favorite forms to be accessed by shortcuts. In 2.0 the five most recent forms are automatically saved. These features follow the user when logging between devices.


Full-access to CJI from a browser- eAgent 2.0 runs on any modern web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer

Officer-inspired features

The look and feel of 2.0 is based on actual feedback of officers in the field. Click on a video below to view a short demonstration of each.

Smart Message, a feature of eAgent 2.0- click for a quick video explaining how Smart Message is useful


Sending a Smart Message

Smart Message allows the user to quickly send three types of transactions. Queries on persons, vehicles, and guns. Smart Message is designed to evaluate inputs and provide a guide with hints for properly formatting the query.

Click for a quick video explaining how Smart Message works


Viewing Message Details

The Message Detail can be viewed by clicking on any message in the Inbox, and all responses associated with the transaction will be available when viewing the message detail. Within the response, any matches from NCIC are highlighted.

Click for a quick video explaining how Message Keys works


Searching for Message Keys

All of the forms in eAgent Client also exist in eAgent 2.0, and searching for message keys is just as simple. You can use the search bar or the shortcut alt + K. The forms menu is almost identical to the menu in eAgent Client.


SClick for a quick video explaining how drage & drop images work


Drag and Drop Images

For your convenience, there are two options when attaching an image to a form in 2.0 — “Choose Photo” from a file already on your computer and “Drag and Drop” an image from anywhere on your workspace.

Click for a quick video explaining how VINassist works


Autopopulating Forms (VINassist)

VINassist™ functionality streamlines vehicle entry and limits entry errors. Users can run a VIN query via forms or Smart Message or users can use can VINassist™ to populate vehicle information in an EV.

I love the original eAgent. What do I gain by switching to 2.0?


A testimonial from Altus Police Department in Arkansas
chart: what 2.0 means for you based on your role in your agency
How eAgent Client stacks up against eAgent 2.0- a chart comparing the available features
A testimonial from Hallandale Beach Police Department in Florida



Agencies that trust eAgent solutions every day

The United States Secret Service uses eAgent The Florida Department of Law Enforcement uses eAgent The New Jersey State Police uses eAgent The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses eAgent

The Metropolitan Police Department uses eAgent The Delaware State Polices use eAgent The New Mexico Police Department uses eAgent The Memphis Police Department uses eAgent




Frequently Asked Questions


Is it available over the internet?

eAgent 2.0 can be accessed via a secured intranet or the internet using a second factor authentication solution.


Do I need any additional software/hardware?

eAgent 2.0 does not require any additional software or hardware. It is a zero-footprint, browser-based solution that does not require any software installation.


What are the minimum browser requirements?

eAgent 2.0 runs on the latest versions of the following browsers: IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.


Can I access eAgent 2.0 from anywhere?

You can access eAgent 2.0 from any location from any agency approved device.


I already have eAgent Client. Do I have to upgrade to eAgent 2.0?

No you do not have to upgrade. We are not getting rid of the current client. We are offering a newer improved solution (those who are switching have a reduced price).


What mobile devices can I use it on?

eAgent 2.0 can be used on any device that has a minimum resolution of 1334X750 (4.7 in screen).


Can I try out 2.0 before I buy?

Yes! You can try almost any of our eAgent solutions free for 60 days by signing up for a demo here.


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I’m still not convinced… Tell me more!

Diverse Computing has been providing innovation to the public safety community since it first opened the doors in 2001. Since then, our company has created a name for itself by providing the foremost solutions in NCIC access with the best customer support available. The following is the difference between us and our competitors:

24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support

Law enforcement systems are critical to public safety and do not have the luxury of downtime. We understand that this downtime is potentially hazardous to law enforcement personnel as well as the public. Diverse Computing has established itself as a company that provides top-notch customer support, 24/7/365, unmatched by any other company in the industry. Highly qualified support staff (employed by Diverse Computing and located entirely in the United States) are always available. And these staff are motivated to get your problem truly resolved… not simply pass you along to someone else as other companies do.

Customer-Inspired Innovation

When we build software, long before any code is written, we visit our customers in person to get their feedback. We do this because we want our solutions to be practical and easy to use. After discussions and user sessions, we start building a solution that is tailored to the user. So when we say our application is user-friendly, we actually mean it.

Savings for Your Agency

We know how important it is for agencies to stay within budget. That’s why you can access 2.0 from numerous types of devices. With other companies, you would need to purchase separate subscriptions for each type of device (desktops, patrol car laptops, and apps on mobile devices). eAgent 2.0 will also save your IT staff a lot of time and headaches since they will not have to deal with software bugs due to dreaded Java updates. Other companies charge extra for support, but our 24/7/365 support is available at no extra cost to you.

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