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Hot Off The Press: The NEW CJIS Security Policy (version 5.4)

Date Posted - 15th Aug 2014 |  Category - CJIS Security Policy, Newsletter

UPDATE 6/8/16: The latest version of the CJIS Security Policy is now version 5.5. Download CJIS Security Policy version 5.5 here.


4It’s HERE!!!

The newest version of the CJIS Security Policy(Version 5.3 – 8/4/2014), was just released by the FBI and you can download from the CJIS ACE website by clicking on the image below:

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy Version 5.3


I will be going through the changes, which by the way, can be found summarized on pages iii and iv, and address anything major in future newsletters.  In the meantime, happy reading and……


Until next time, be safe.

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