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Date Posted - 5th May 2014 |  Category - CJIS Security Policy, Common IT Headaches, Newsletter

CJIS ACE (Audit and Compliance Experts)


Welcome to the CJIS ACE newsletter, an information-rich newsletter from our subject matter experts on information security, the FBI CJIS Security Policy and all NCIC Operating Manual requirements.


It is our goal to give down-to-earth explanations of the different mandates while also providing tips and strategies when your agency is faced with a CJIS audit.


So you’re probably wondering what “CJIS ACE” stands for… it is an acronym for “Criminal Justice Information Systems Audit & Compliance Experts,” and this new service will be headed up by yours truly at Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI).


Proper introductions aside, my name is William “Bill” Tatun, and I am more than excited to have joined the DCI team and head this new and important division.


Since I will be the primary writer for these CJIS ACE newsletters, you may want to know a little bit about my past experience:

  • 24 years as a New York State Trooper
  • NY State Police ISO & IT Director
  • Member of the FBI’s Advisory Policy Board (APB)
  • Chairman of the APB’s Security and Access Subcommittee
  • NY State CJIS Systems Officer and ISO
  • NY State NLETS Representative
  • Member of NLETS Board of Directors & Technical Operations Committee

Long story short, I have extensive experience with being on both sides of a CJIS audit as well as being on the committees that decide policy and requirements.


With this newsletter, I look forward to sharing all of the audit and compliance knowledge that I have gleaned over the past 2 decades. I’m certain that this information will come in helpful as your agency prepares for its next CJIS audit.


We plan to send these newsletters every other week, so you won’t get inundated by a mountain of e-mails.


We have a strict policy about not sharing your email address with anyone, ever. You also have the ability to unsubscribe any time you want at the bottom of this newsletter.


Finally, we promise to keep each article short, useful and to the point.


Be sure to look out for the next issue of our CJIS ACE Newsletter where I will be discussing the FBI CJIS Audit process in “So, You’re About to be Audited….What to Expect.”

Until next time, be safe.

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e:  wtatun@diversecomputing.com

o:  850-778-3207

w:  www.diversecomputing.com/CJISACE



William Tatun - CJIS ACE

The CJIS Security Policy can be confusing with respect to what agreements are needed when.  We know this is true because the lack of properly executed Management Control Agreements and CJIS Security Addenda are always top compliance issues found during FBI and State audits.  


The CJIS ACE team can help you and your agency navigate this and any CJIS-related policy or compliance issue.  To further discuss how we can help, drop me a line at:  wtatun@diversecomputing.com or give me a call at 850-778-3207.


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CJIS ACE is a division at DCI that helps law enforcement agencies comply with the FBI CJIS Security Policy and NCIC requirements. CJIS ACE services are designed to help you be pro-active in strengthening your agency’s information security profile and comply with any other security policies that may be required (e.g. a State or County IT Security Policy). CJIS ACE brings real-world experience at the ready to assist your agency’s personnel in navigating the daunting and complicated path through audits and information security policy compliance.

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