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Interface Criminal Justice Systems through NCIC using XML

Expand the functionality of your warrant, pawn, ticketing, JMS or other local systems with eAgent JXI

“eAgent JXI is a multi-platform XML interface solution that can quickly and easily connect agency systems to NCIC.”

– Craig Gibbens, Business Development at DCI

JXI is for law enforcement organizations that:

● Have programmers developing apps like Warrants, Pawn, Ticketing, Court, JMS, Offender Supervision, etc.

● Want these applications to interface with and access data from State/NCIC message switches

● Have programmers who are struggling with the messy and complicated State/NCIC socket interface protocols

● Want a vendor who keeps your systems updated with new message keys and formats as they change due to TOU or state changes

● Reduction in the amount of time your programmers spend trying to interface with complicated socket protocols

● Simple, standardized XML protocol for developing applications

● Savings on development costs

● Ease of integrating local systems/applications to NCIC data

● JXI software is always up to date, giving you peace of mind whenever State/NCIC interface protocols, message keys or formats change due to TOU updates or state changes

● No additional hardware required

● Multi-Platform: Microsoft SQL server, Oracle and MySQL

● Windows, Linux or Unix

● eAgent JXI is able to interface with the State/NCIC message switch, work through its messy socket protocol, and “translate” information into XML

Experience the benefits these agencies already know:

● Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

● Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department

● Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) Washington D.C.

● Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

● And many more…


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