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Is your IT project getting dragged through corporate bureaucracies? Try a smaller, more agile company for a change.

Date Posted - 5th Nov 2013 |  Category - About Our Company, Common IT Headaches


Everyone has had to deal with corporate bureaucracy at some point in his or her life.


Whether it’s arguing with an Internet provider about a service going down, or trying to get an insurance company to agree to pay out a claim.


It often seems that such corporate bureaucracies exist only to make your life difficult.


When your agency is deciding on a software or IT vendor to work with, you should definitely take into consideration the overall size of the company.


Large companies often bring with them a lot of bureaucratic baggage. Just by their sheer size and large number of employees, there are often more management layers than a slice of tiramisu.


If you have a project that requires a fast turnaround, or if you have a system that requires immediate tech support if something goes down, choosing a large-size vendor may not be the best option.



Smaller, more agile vendors offer some definite advantages:


Smaller phone trees = faster connection with the right decision maker or tech support expert


– Fewer management layers = quicker adjustments when changes need to be done and an executive decision needs to be made (think of the difference between turning a motor boat vs. a cruise ship)


– Every customer matters to a small business = more attention paid to your project and agency. Large companies can afford to take a small hit to their business. A small company, on the other hand, will go the extra mile so that you speak highly of them since word of mouth marketing is a big part of their future success.


– Fewer managers and less overhead expenses = lower project cost. If you’re dealing with a large company, part of your project cost inevitably goes towards supporting that company‘s exorbitant payroll for their many layers of management (plus the rent on a posh corporate office, expensive national advertising campaigns, private jets for the VPs, etc.) In contrast, smaller companies are typically leaner, so you can expect their project prices to be significantly lower.

When it comes to your agency, you want a knowledgeable staff that is there to help– not a lumbering corporate bureaucracy who is ready to pass you along to someone else or outsource your project overseas because it makes financial sense to their stockholders.


At eAgent, we have a tight-knit team that is 100% committed to completing successful projects for law enforcement agencies.


We have a “flat” management structure, meaning you won’t have to navigate through a gigantic management tree when a key decision needs to be made about a project.


So the next time your agency has a software or IT project, please consider eAgent and see if our agile company may be a good fit.


Stay tuned. Stay safe.



DCI has been providing its line of eAgent software to over 1,600 law enforcement agencies nationwide since 2001. From NCIC access software to advanced authentication, DCI has a solution for all things CJIS-related.


We pride ourselves on offering quality software and networking solutions backed by impeccable customer support. Part of our support includes assisting our customers with CJIS security audits.