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Great customer service should be simple… so why do so many companies fail at it?

Date Posted - 23rd Oct 2013 |  Category - About Our Company, Common IT Headaches


Great customer service should be simple… so why do so many companies fail at it?


Customer service.


A term that makes many of us cringe because so few companies get it right. Have you ever had to call your internet service provider because your connection went down? Or talk to tech support at a software vendor because a transaction isn’t working properly for your agency? And then you finally get a hold of someone and they aren’t knowledgeable, they just take a message (or worse, make excuses), and they don’t get back to you for several days.


Or, maybe you have a state-provided software or networking connection and need tech support during non-office hours. You can’t count on getting a problem solved at midnight on a national holiday, or at any time over a weekend. And this is the most frustrating for those who work in public service because lives are literally at stake.


Just thinking about these situations is probably making your blood pressure rise. And rightfully so! Especially if you’re losing access to critical systems for long periods of time. This can unnecessarily put your fellow officers at risk.


Customer service should be simple—to get your issue resolved quickly and by someone who is competent.


If it’s so simple, then why do so many companies fail at customer service? The straightforward answer is that most companies lack the commitment and discipline to provide great support. Many tech companies put their resources into product development or snazzy advertising campaigns. But they neglect to follow through when an issue comes up.


So what should you do if your vendor or state-provided service can’t offer top-notch customer support? The short answer: find someone else who can!


If you’re thinking about switching, you should ask your current and prospective service providers these very important questions:


1. What are your standard customer service hours?

2. Who answers your tech support line? Is it a general answering service or are the support agents top-notch IT professionals?

3. If we want to reach you after-hours, is that considered a premium service that we have to pay extra for?

4. If I call in a problem at 3:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, who will answer my call?

5. Will that support agent be able fix my problem over the phone, or will they simply take a message?


If you’re fed up with the poor customer service you’re currently receiving, do yourself a favor and contact our highly skilled staff at Diverse Computing.


We make great customer service a top priority. We provide our clients with true, around-the-clock, 24/7 support, 365 days a year. This live tech support is handled by a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who typically resolve your questions on the first call.


And this support is provided to every one of our customers free of charge.


Even for those of you who are provided free software and services from the state, we have low-cost options that are fully supported 24/7 and often have better features.


If you’re interested in learning more about our customer service, contact us at 850-656-3333.


The grass truly is greener on our side.