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Diverse Computing, Inc. Partners with Microsoft to Provide CJIS Security Policy Compliance

Providing CJIS Security Policy Expertise for Azure Government

As more state and local governments look to centralize and adopt innovative productivity solutions across their various agencies, including the law enforcement and criminal justice community, the need to meet unique requirements like the FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems CJIS Security Policy becomes increasingly important.

Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI), a national leader in criminal justice software and compliance solutions, announces a new partnership with Microsoft Corporation. DCI’s Criminal Justice Information Systems Audit and Compliance Experts (CJIS ACE) Division will provide real-world, law enforcement and criminal justice specific consulting expertise to Microsoft as they continue to develop solutions for this unique community.

The CJIS Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operates systems that provide state, local and federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies throughout the United States with access to criminal justice information including personal information such as fingerprint records, criminal histories and sex offender registrations, among many others.

DCI’s CJIS ACE Division is uniquely positioned to assist organizations that want to pursue compliance through the requirements and best practices described in the CJIS Security Policy.

“CJIS ACE provides the knowledge and experience that users, consumers, and IT providers and companies need to understand and comply with when applying the complex requirements of the CJIS Security Policy with the unique business processes of the criminal justice and law enforcement communities,” states William “Bill” Tatun, DCI’s Chief Information Security Officer.

Through the new partnership, Microsoft is able to pull from over 65 years of experience that the CJIS ACE team has with creating, implementing and complying with the CJIS Security Policy in the criminal justice and law enforcement work environment. The combined experience of the CJIS ACE team includes that of the sworn law enforcement officer, executive police manager, CJIS Systems Officer, CJIS Information Security Officer, FBI Advisory Policy Board Member, Security and Access Subcommittee Chairman and member, NLETS Board Member, NLETS State Representative, NLETS Technical Operations Committee member, and state CJIS auditor, among others.

One of the areas Microsoft and CJIS ACE will be working together on is advancing Microsoft’s Hyper-scale computing solution, Azure Government, within the criminal justice and law enforcement communities.

In 2010, Microsoft launched Azure, a cloud computing platform for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Microsoft later introduced Azure Government which was tailored for meeting the cloud computing needs of government agencies, including the criminal justice community.

Rochelle Eichner, Microsoft’s Director of Risk and Compliance – Azure Government Engineer says, “As Microsoft continues to work with state governments to enter into CJIS Information Agreements, the CJIS ACE team will provide valuable insight and expertise. These agreements demonstrate to the state’s criminal justice and law enforcement entities how Microsoft’s cloud security controls help protect the full lifecycle of data and ensure appropriate background screening of operating personnel with access to Criminal Justice Information.”

“Microsoft is fully committed to having our Azure Government cloud platform meet or exceed the CJIS standards,” says Stuart McKee, Microsoft’s chief technology officer of state and local government. “CJIS ACE provides direct expertise and understanding of the CJIS security policy, and we are excited to have them as partners with our Azure Government platform as well as other new products and services that Microsoft develops for the criminal justice and law enforcement community.”

Beyond Azure Government, CJIS ACE will also be involved with Microsoft’s solution strategy, engagement with the regulatory community, partner eco-system, and other initiatives related to the criminal justice and law enforcement.

Diverse Computing, Inc. is a specialty software and consulting company that develops NCIC/CJIS end-user access and message switch applications for federal, state and local criminal justice agencies.  Through its CJIS Audit and Compliance Experts Division (CJIS ACE), DCI provides criminal justice agencies and vendors with a full suite of “all things CJIS” consulting services.  More than 1600 agencies throughout the country utilize DCI’s software and services to perform their duties every single day.