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Advanced Authentication FBI CJIS Security Policy Explained

A look inside the CJIS Security Policy and how to comply with the new advanced authentication mandate

Advanced Authentication CJIS Mandate Explained

advanced authentication

The FBI CJIS Security Policy now requires Advanced Authentication for all law enforcement personnel who access criminal justice information outside of a secure location.

“Authentication” refers to the process of verifying a user’s identity when requesting secure access to CJIS systems. Typical “One-Factor Authentication” is when a user logs in with just a username and password.

“Advanced Authentication” or “Two-Factor Authentication” requires an additional factor in order to complete the log-in process. This second credential is often sent as a one time PIN (OTP) that is obtained by something that the user physically has in their possession (like an app, a text to a cell phone, a hard token, or a paper token). These OTPs cannot be memorized like standard passwords because they are designed to change every time the user logs in.

See Figure 1 (right) for a simple three step explanation of the process.


Does my agency require advanced authentication?

Whether or not your agency requires CJIS Advanced Authentication boils down to one key question: Do you have folks who access NCIC criminal justice information from a mobile data terminal or handheld device, or do they have remote access from an unsecure location? If the answer is “Yes,” then those officers will require an Advanced Authentication system to be compliant.

Achieving CJIS compliance is easier than you think.

Diverse Computing has developed eAgentX2 Advanced Authentication specifically for law enforcement agencies to be compliant with this policy. We have over 100 years of experience keeping law enforcement up to date with FBI security standards, so you can rest assured knowing that our eAgent X2 solution meets the mandate. We understand what a headache it can be to keep up with all of the new security policies.

Check out how eAgent X2 works. Click to enlarge.

Advanced Authentication with eAgentX2

As technology evolves, people are able to access sensitive information from more locations with a variety of devices. This opens you up to the risk of data breaches, fraud, and inappropriate access to critical information. These factors have led to many organizations requiring multi-factor authentication or two-step authentication as a part of their security policy.

eAgentX2 is an easy-to-implement solution that features flexible methods of strong authentication including OTP token authentication and SMS two factor authentication. This solution includes three levels of access (user, manager, and admin) to allow the organization to create a smooth authentication procedure for each user. It can be installed easily without any hardware, and it can guard critical data from all major mobile devices. This is a complete solution that enables organizations to keep costs down while implementing an easy-to-use, multi-factor authentication solution.

eAgentX2 Advanced Authentication is scalable and integrates with all major virtual private networks (VPNs). It will allow you to administer a variety of strong authentication methods in a well-organized manner. It allows for multi-factor authentication methods through an OTP Token on your phone or in your hand, and it complies with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy that all law enforcement and government agencies adhere to.

OTP Token based authentication offers your agency a simple way to block fraud and protect access to sensitive information. This solution has a variety of two-factor methods that provide end users with a secure OTP. It is highly configurable and cost-effective with several two-factor methods available directly as free applications on smart devices.

Want to know more about achieving compliance with the CJIS Security Policy? Visit our eAgentX2 product page or sign up now for a free demo of eAgentX2.

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