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CJIS ACE: The CJIS Audit and Compliance Experts

The complete, customized and cost-effective solution to your agency's CJIS audit & compliance concerns.


CJIS isn’t easy.

Undergoing an audit can be daunting and difficult.

We can help! Our CJIS Audit & Compliance Experts, or ACEs, have seen all sides of a CJIS Audit: as auditees, auditors, and on the FBI CJIS Advisory Policy Board. That’s why they are the most qualified people available to aid your organization in understanding the ins and outs of the CJIS policies, and help you get compliant!

● Complying with the CJIS security policy and NCIC requirements can be complex and challenging.

● Our experts can guide you through the ins and outs of each requirement.

● We create customized plans to help you prepare for, go through, and follow up on any CJIS program audit.

● Offering 2 pricing plans– either a one-time option or a convenient annual subscription.

Our consulting services are designed specifically for groups that:

● Have an upcoming CJIS audit or are in the middle of an audit

● Need to follow up on noted CJIS audit deficiencies

● Want to establish your organization’s Compliance Profile

● Are being proactive in assessing their security operations, policies and practices

● Want to improve your security profile by protecting critical systems and data

● Need someone with detailed knowledge of every CJIS security mandate and NCIC operating requirement

● Pre-Audit: We can review or completely manage all pre-audit activities for your organization

● Audit Day: We can provide subject matter expertise for on-site assistance or self-audit completion

● Post-Audit: We know the proper methods for following up with audits and responding to your state’s CSO

● Comprehensive compliance assessments

● Gap analysis

● Establish your organization’s Compliance Profile

● Development of compliance road maps




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Meet the Senior Members of CJIS ACE


Bill_Tatun_Hi-Res_Raw copy


William “Bill” Tatun

24 years as a State Trooper in NY

Served on the FBI CJIS Advisory Policy Board (APB)

APB CJIS Security & Access Subcommittee Chairman

NY State FBI CJIS CSO and ISONY Nlets representative and board member

NY Nlets representative and board member

CISSP and CISM certifications


866.656.3333 ext 283

Bill_Tatun_Hi-Res_Raw copy

Larry Coffee

22 years of experience in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), including:

FDLE CJIS Information Security Officer


FBI-CJIS Advisory Policy Board (APB) experience as a Security and Access Subcommittee member, Security Policy Rewrite Task Force (v5.0) member, Chairman of the Mobile Security Task Force, and NCIC Warrants Task Force Member.


                  CJIS Readiness Seal

The Official CJIS Readiness Seal


The CJIS ACE team has established the first and only industry standard process for FBI CJIS Security Policy compliance reporting and mitigation plan development. Having been given the right to use and display the CJIS Readiness Seal, corporate entities can demonstrate their commitment to FBI CJIS Security Policy compliance to their current and prospective clients who will recognize the expertise and industry standard work of the CJIS ACE team.

It’s the closest thing a vendor or service provider can get to “CJIS certification.”


CJIS Audit Help: Download the CJIS Security Policy

Unsure What The CJIS Requirements Are?

Many new regulations were made in the updated CJIS Security Policy.  It is our duty to know the policy inside and out as well as keep you up-to-date on any new changes.  Feel free to download the latest CJIS Security Policy and read for yourself what expectations are set and how your agency is being affected.

Also download the CSP Version 5.5 Requirement & Transitions Document Here.


CJIS Audit Help: Download the CJIS Security Policy

CJIS-to-NIST Security Control Mapping

Download the security control mapping of the CJIS Security Policy (Ver 5.3) requirements to the NIST Special Publication 800-53. These mappings will help shape your agency’s security policy and ensure that you have the required components for both.


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