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eAgent X2 Advanced Authentication Technical Specifications

Learn about the four different methods of achieving CJIS Security Policy compliance through eAgentX2

eAgentX2 Technical Specifications


eAgent x2 soft token authentication

With eAgentX2 Advanced Authentication, you have the option to choose how you retrieve your second factor. We offer an array of cost effective and secure sign-on options for end-users. From paper tokens to text message authentication, your agency can choose the method that is most convenient to your users.


Are the eAgent X2 advanced authentication methods user-friendly?

Yes! Keeping interfaces user-friendly is what we live for. Our soft tokens are ideal for those who have their cell phones on them at all times. Users who have an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone can have their authentication code sent directly to their phone either as a text message or from an authentication app such as Google Authenticator.



Our agency prefers not to use cell phones for advanced authentication. What do we do?

Many agencies prefer to use a method other than cellular authentication for secure sign-on. We offer several alternatives for you! One method is a hard token device that generates a one-time password unique to that user each time the hard token is turned on.


advanced authentication hard token

eAgent X2 hard token


eAgent X2 also has a paper token that you can print out. With the paper token, end-users are asked to locate the authentication code on the card based on a bingo-like system. For example, a user may be told to enter the code that corresponds to “line B, row 7.”




advanced authentication Paper Token

eAgent X2 paper token

Advanced authentication with eAgent X2

This solution is designed with law enforcement in mind. We understand that each user has different preferences.

That’s why you get to choose how to authenticate. You might have some users authenticate with their cell phones, while those who are in the office all day might prefer a paper token. This frees up your budget and reduces the support team’s workload.

Being able to provide a method that is convenient for everyone is what makes eAgentX2 ideal for agencies of any size. eAgent X2 gives you the freedom to implement whatever works best for your unique environment.


Looking for more information on eAgent X2 or the CJIS Security Policy? Sign up now for a free demo of eAgent X2, and our sales representatives will provide details on how we can work for you.


advanced authentication

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